12 November 2011

Solved: VPN Problem on Globe Tattoo SmartBro

Solved: VPN Problem on Globe Tattoo 11 11 11
Yesterday, I tried to connect my VPN( especially shieldVPN)and im using globe tattoo but it didnt connect. It stops on a 10 lines and it felt like sad to know that globe increased their security -- one of it was to block all VPNs. By the way, yesterday was 11-11-11. I thought it was a lucky date based on my post here. But without a doubt, it was opposite unlucky...i really believed that  globe blocks it or maybe globe has its maintenance on that day. So what i did was i switched to smart ultrasulf and look for an answer though i have found some answers but it doesnt guarantee and it doesnt works well.



But yesterday, in evening sir DRWANG12 and DUF got a tricks for Hotspot shield..with a mild tweak they connected to web. Though they not give total details for the tweak, it reminds me that i should work for the trick also. But i just read the comments and i finally got it.

Solution for Globe Tattoo and VPN issue. So how they did it?

You need to change remote to 137 in your config and connect! :D If you know what i mean you will get it. But for some who really wants an answer visit here. You might ask is this really true? Yes, its really true. In fact, i posted here using the trick provided by those individuals.

If you dont want to edit some configurations,i edited some configurations here and made it to 5 servers only. Download this VPN..NO CONFIG, JUST RUN and CONNECT.Download here

1. Download this file: Working VPN November 2011
2. Extract it using winrar or 7z because it is compressed to 7z(cool compressor)
3. Run HotspotShield.exe
Note: if you are using vista or windows 7 run as administrator because if you dont.  You will experience some errors like netsh.exe(adding ip,dns)
4.  Choose server 1-5 and connect it. Remember it can found on system tray below right of your monitor display.
5. And you are connected!

This is my screenshots

I think we should give back to globe by using UNLI and 50/day. But i guess, it is really difficult to spend 50/day. We are low type person right? But if you have lots of money. Try to be legit and be a good citizen. :D

To summarize:
lport 53
remote <ip address> 137

Thank you.

For more information: visit here

This is my proof hotspot shield connected to web
Do you have some problems? you can comment here.

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