27 November 2011

Smart Buddy Block Sim VPN Solution

Smart Buddy Block Sim VPN Solution Compilation
For those who have these problems about blocking there smartbuddy sim when using VPN connection. Heres the solutions a compilation i gather and put it here.
Updated June 01 2012
1. Make sure you have NO LOAD in your SIM.
2. Share 2/5 pesos in your smartbuddy SIM.
3. Text ROAM OFF and send to 211
4. Text 3G ON and send to 333
5. Quit your dashboard, wait 3 minutes
6. Open and connect your dashboard
7. then connect your ULTRASURF

Updated March 06 2012
Try to use and change your APN: mms
APN: internet
APN: smartbro
APN: smart1

from the commenter, smartkid and anonymous. Thank you for the sharing. :)

Updated March 03 2012
HexVPN+ : Easy to Use for Beginners and Experts
Visit here for New GUI VPN for March 03 2012

For GLOBE USERS : February 27 2012

Updated March 02 2012 Unlocking Smart Buddy SIM

It seems that ROAM OFF doesnt work now. And Smart blocks the 3G signals. So we want to UNLOCK the 3G.

Here's the Steps in Successfully UNBLOCKING your Buddy SIM
(Thanks to symbianize and to those who discover this)


1. NEW  SIM (use as a KEY to unlock your block sim)
2. LOAD to share 2 Pesos for new sim/blocked sim
3. MODEM(of course)
4. your BLOCK SIM (Zero Load)
5. Uninstaller -> Revo Uninstaller/Your Uninstaller (to erase all logs in smartbro program)
6. TuneUp or Ccleaner -> Erased all browsing history,logs,cleans registry etc.


1. Uninstall SmartBro Dashboard Program (I recommend to use Your Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller) so that all logs,files,registries will completely erased.
2. Run TuneUp or CCleaner to erase all browsing history, logs,
3. Restart your PC/Lappy/Netbook
4. Then use your new SIM you bought in your Modem, it will INSTALL, just wait and dont connect yet just check DIAGNOSTIC if it is (PS Detached/Denied/Not Connected).
5. Share-a-load the New SIM  and TEXT 3G ON send 211. Sounds better eh>?
6. Back with DIAGNOSTIC check it is your SIM is REGISTERED.
7. Make new APN in your MODEM. Connect it. If it is successful, then disconnect.
8. Change your NEW SIM to your BLOCKED SIM and put it your modem. So you have MODEM with Blocked SIM now. Check DIAGNOSTIC, It will display (PS Detached/Denied/Not Connected). It is not WORKING SIM.
  • Share load your blocked SIM
  • Text 3G ON send 211
  • check diagnostic again it will be registered SIM.
9. restart your computer without disconnecting the MODEM
to your PC..then connect your MODEM.
10. It works! If smart blocks it again just share and text 3G ON to 211, restart.
Note: If you cant unblocked it, nah...  maybe you need to have a PLAN :))

Updated January 11 2012
Try this trick: If you are blocked then use another sim card.. connect and disconnect it.. then after that use that blocked sim then connect and enjoy!

Possible Reason:

Your IMEI code may be blocked by smart thats why you cant connect but you can txt BAL,or txt to other network.. so connecting to other sim card UNBLOCKS it..

Thanks and credits to Discoverer..

Updated January 04 2012
I used ROAM OFF and send to 333 and it works a charm!

But after you connect to your dashboard be sure your IP address will not be 10.159.x.x, and you will be blocked later on.

1. Click start and run -> type cmd and hit enter
2. type ipconfig /all
3. it will show all ip configs there
4. if you have 10.159.x.x ip address, just connect and disconnect.

  1. Cannot connect to dashboard
  2. Cannot send text message
  1. Downloading big files and it reach the daily quota for smartbuddy connection
  2. Use of VPN in downloading torrents(vpn can do that way)
  • Sending text solution
Call customer service and tell them you cannot send text . Dont say you are using VPN. and they will activate your sim :)
  • To reconnect in dashboard and unblock your sim
1. Be sure you have at least 2 pesos load
2. type OFF send to 211. If you will receive a reply, please restart your CP
3. and then type GPRS then send to 333
4. or txt SET to 211. 
SET N95 send to 211
You will received a txt message from SMART:YOUR MMS/GPRS/3G service feature have been activated.
  • Back - up Solution
1. If your present Smart Buddy Sim had been blocked, just try to change it with a new Sim.
2. If your VPN has TCP protocol, just use it for the meantime. Only UDP protocol i think was blocked. Using TCP protocol, youll need to use a parent proxy. Just get your parent proxy to your VPN provider's.
3. Try not to download large files, frequent online gaming, video streaming for the meantime.
4. Use Globe Tattoo in substitute to your Smart Bro.
5. Disconnect your Dashboard every 2 hours and have a rest for about 30 minutes then Connect again.
6. Have 2 Smart Buddy Sim then change your Sim every 2 hours of usage.
  • Hide IP address using a software


According to proearth

To all VPN users. We have problem regarding the blocking of Smart Buddy Sim. I think this happens when you download large files, frequent online gaming, video streaming ,etc. If you got 10.156.xxx.xx ip then your Smart Buddy Sim had been blocked. So, for the meantime please use your internet using VPN on ordinary applications only. 

Smart Buddy Sim is solely used for cellphones --- which enables the use of limited or simple applications such as facebook, ym, and browsing only unlike when you use smart buddy sim in your VPN wherein downloading large files are possible. However, this usage --- also enables the Smart telecom to detect and block your sim card since it's obvious that it already exceeds the basic applications (above the limit).

credits to symbianize pros: marl820,bennedic, proearth,makiboy06

I dont own this kind of trick, its a educational purposes..the exploit bugs from smart that they dont even know.

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