05 November 2011

SecurityKISS VPN Globe Tattoo Smart Bro

SecurityKiss VPN Globe Tattoo Smart Bro
Keep It Smart and Simple
Do you want other VPN for Free Internet in your Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro USB Modem? You can try this SecurityKISS.

Though you can use KEBRUM VPN (fast browsing, HotSpotSHIELD or ShieldVPN). You can add it to your COLLECTION. But remember you have only 300 MB /day, so it is not useful in downloading(use shieldVPN instead). By the way, I'm using this securityKISS when writing this :) So it is actually proved that it is working pretty well.

SecurityKISS(KISS short for Keep It Smart and Simple) is one of those nice, free VPN out there. SecurityKISS Tunnel is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) implementation based on OpenVPN.
It creates a VPN between laptop and security gateway what prevents third parties from viewing web browsing activities, instant messages, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send over the network. Their servers represent client/user on the Internet, and real IP address is hidden.

How it works?
SecurityKISS Tunnel redirects all online data through an impenetrable tunnel to the security gateway, so all online communication (web browsing, emails, instant messages, VoIP, social networking) is encrypted.
It no longer matters if someone intercepts your online traffic on the way. Even your Internet Provider will not know what you are doing on the web, and it also makes it impossible for him to block or filter any traffic.

  • Ensure Privacy
  • Protect Transactions
  • Access Blocked Sites
  • Access Online TV and Games
  • Hide IP address
SecurityKISS Tunnel is not only about security. It also solves some common concerns:
  • Access blocked websites from your office (YouTube, Flickr, gambling, blog sites, ICQ, email, chat)
  • Unrestricted access to TV streams, Radio Stream, and others
  • Use Skype and other VoIP even if it is blocked or distorted by your Internet Provider
  • Avoid being identified by anyone including governments
  • Access all content privately without censorship
  • Unblock all ports with no configuration
  • Unrestricted access for international users blocked by government control
  • Protect your identity online by hiding your real IP address
  • Assign your computer a new European IP address
  • Hide your online activities from your boss, children, and spouse
1. Preset
Globe Dashboard Settings
APN: http.globe.com.ph
Authentication protocol settings: Pap
Access number: *99# (UDP)  | *99***1 (TCP)

Smart Dashboard Settings
use smart buddy/talk n text
at least have 2 pesos(but I suggest you use ultrasurf because smart may block your sim)

APN: the internet
Authentication protocol settings: Pap
Access number: *99# (UDP)  | *99***1 (TCP)

Download SecurityKISS files first( You really need it)

1. Install it and look for the files needed in your configuration
2. the location might be like this C:\Program Files\SecurityKISS Tunnel\OpenVPN\config (here I used Windows 7)

3. you need this later.

According to SecurityKISS:
Please note: Every downloaded instance of SecurityKISS Tunnel is a different binary. Please do not share copies of downloaded binaries nor make them available on sharing websites. The shared binary is not going to work. Moreover, it is in your interest not to share the downloaded program because it will stop working for you. If you want to recommend it to someone - share the news and redirect people to our download website where they can get software for free.

4. Download Portable OpenVPN + SecurityKISS Here: Click Me So that you need not run the main securityKISS application. You will RUN this.

5. Copy the files located at step 2 in your Portable OpenVPN + SecurityKISS folder

might look like this Portable OpenVPN 2.2.1 + Security KISS 10-25-2011\data\config

6. Run the OpenVPNPortable.exe
7. in the system tray, choose what server you want to connect.

8. And you are connected! :)

Credits to: 89dufpoqidjv of symbianize

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