23 November 2011

Nokia Kinetic Device: Mobile for Future

Nokia Kinetic Mobile Device Show
Credits: Images via Cnet
A fantastic feature in mobile gadget world that Nokia(a Finnish phone maker) showed at Nokia World 2011 in LONDON. Nokia calls it "NOKIA KINETIC DEVICE" with a prototype of a flexible display. A mobile in future that revolutionalized user experiences. 

Well, if I have this kind of phone I rather use it when getting
 furious, and I will just stretch it. 

How it works?

According to CNET, source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20125870-264/flex-it-baby-nokias-new-interface-is-seriously-twisted/
  • In music and photo collections album it will scroll when TWISTED
  • Bowing it inward or outward zoomed photos in
  • Paused and played music while tapping the corners panned through photos
However, for today it is not a real product that anyone can buy though it has an actual computing device. It was 2 years ago when Tapani Jokinen member of a Nokia group who is tasked to create designs with an amazing technology and he thinks that it will come to market. 

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