18 November 2011

My First Cashout PTC: Neobux to Paypal

In couple of months,i got my first cashout!
Well, maybe i should think that you know NEOBUX right? But for some who dont know, it is a PTC site(paid to click), its one way to earn money online tru clicking ads). Sound interesting. But you need to have patience here i mean, it is an easy way to earn but it is relatively small. However, if you know some strategies here, you can also earn up to $20/day. In fact,here in the Philippines, theres a group made to help and boost earning to fellow pinoys.

BTW, why am i writing these? Actually, i dont have plan to write this because i dont have a good feeling to write in the first place. But for some people who seek alternative or sideline earning of money. This might be a helpful one.

Yesterday, i got $2.00 in my neobux account. For a couple of months of hardship in clicking, i reap what i sow! :) Though its small price but at least ive earned something. I remember an author of his famous book, he said: "An tagal naman, 30 years bago maging one million! Maghihintay na lang ako manalo sa lotto". (To wait in 30 years to get one million is very hard. I rather wait when i will win in lotto). The author concluded: if you think just like that, you will not able to save money. And he added one famous quote from Albert Einstein: The most powerful force in universe is a compound interest. So this neobux might be my savings bank. :)

Honestly, i really dont like clicking ads, and its boring one too. But, when i need something i really need to click. Why? When i was addicted in IRC, i used to get one shell (linux server to run bots) for the channels i often protect to some flooders and abusers. So i finally made up my mind to click... See? I got $2.00 now.

Heres the proof:

In my Paypal
So if you like to earn money tru clicking you might be able to join neobux, with 10minutes everyday, is might not be bad after all. Happy clicking day to you! :)


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