08 November 2011

Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta Software

Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta Software
Today(November 8, 2011, +8 Time Posted) is the Official Launching of the Mozilla Firefox 8 Software. This prerelease software has major features and improvements. But it is not intended for inexperienced users because it contains potential bugs that can damage the system. However, the expert says you can try it with caution and save all critical data before using it.

Once you download and install Firefox 8, you are part of the beta program. But as I visit the main site(as of this post) I didn't see Firefox 8 download. 

How to download it?
Visit: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/

For Windows Users
For Mac Users
For Linux Users: 

The new version brings supports for Twitter in a search bar, improved add-on management and security, stability and performance fixes.

Is this version minimize the RAM and CPU usage? Is it faster than other browsers?

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