21 November 2011

HOW TO: Upload Big Files on HSS VPN

Tutorial on HOW TO: Upload Big Files on HSS VPN

Do you experience uploading big files, oh no, its only 1MB but it is failed using your HOT SPOT SHIELD VPN? Even in other VPN it is also failed like securityKISS,EXPATshield,kebrum,etc. Yes, it is really frustrating. But today, you can upload big files now using ULTRASURF.
2. Ultrasurf (can be found in http://ultrareach.com for new version)
3. Connected with HSS VPN(or other VPNs)

How to SETUP
1. In your ULTRASURF proxy settings -> choose Directly use Ultrasurf
2. Set your browser though USURF automatically set it.
3. DONE! Enjoy Uploading :))

BROWSER SETTINGS(Since ultrasurf automatically set your browser proxy settings) for the sake of those who are curious on how to set. Also if you are not sure if you already had correct configuration this is better)

Google Chrome Settings

go to Wrench Icon -> click Options -> Click Under the Hood tab -> Click Proxy Settings

you may also check the proxy server
port: 9666

Also works on other application like YM, Antivirus.....

Just set (localhost)
and port: 9666
or You may choose Automatically Detect Settings

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