12 November 2011

Hotspot Shield Worlds Most Popular VPN

Hotspot Shield Worlds Most Popular VPN [AnchorFree]
You might not able to know this but Hotspot shield from anchorfree is the worlds most popular Virtual Private Network. Its FREE, Unlimited Bandwidth and Fast!

VPN like HSS(HotSpot Shield) offers anonymity and bandwidth compression on Windows and Mac. With a 10 Millions unique monthly users of Hotspot shield adds its reliable and trust to users. Hotspot really helps networking admins in securing their network by providing new IP and Rerouting Web Traffic the data transfer and receive data prevent it from hackers.

To add more trust with the service, AnchorFree adds to its first move on mobile anonymity to iProducts like  iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Nick Spencer a Hotspot Shield representativenoted that although Hotspot Shield had previously been available on iOS as a VPN source, the procedure required to configure it was complicated. The new app, he said, will automatically configure your VPN settings with one tap.

BASIC Version
  • Free
  • Have Ads
  • Fast
Paid Version
  • Data Compression makes it faster
  • No ad Supported
The iOS version comes with a seven-day free trial, after which it costs 99 cents per month or $9.99 per year. A single iOS subscription will work on multiple iOS devices. Also like the Elite version, Hotspot Shield for iOS comes with a coupon for 2 free hours of talk time on Skype. Source

Based on my usage with this Free VPN, i would say the service is good. I can access all websites, ports, and application but theres a thing i really dont like about it --its ads. But considering its free, i really understand that. Overall rating, it works perfectly 100% fine!

In Philippines, VPN are mostly used in USB Modem connection. A trick that can free internet in that modem are exposed everywhere. Though some of the individuals manage to get into business with their VPN service and able to pay its consumer. It doesnt feel better because it has a payment. With this VPN HSS, it really solves the problem in most users because its FREE. 

Yesterday, VPN tricks are no longer connected to Internet especially with Globe USB subscribers. Is globe updates its security hole? Is there any SPIES on some forums providing free VPN? Is there any SPIES here in my blog? I dont think so my posts are really educational and it is shared for fellow users who experience no payment for the unlimited. But yesterday, i should say, globe free users might able to use UNLI and slice half of their allowances to get into net.

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