01 November 2011

Boost Download Torrent Files using Cheat Engine

HOW TO: Boost Download Torrent Files using Cheat Engine
Tired of waiting the files to finish download in your torrent clients? Do you want to config and download it faster? Then better try this tweak.

Use Cheat Engine to Download Files
Are you a game addict and try to cheat using cheat engine software? But did you know that it will work also on torrents? Yes, by using Cheat Engine as a tool for boosting downloads! And it works perfectly amazing!

How to download torrent faster
1. You should have Cheat Engine Cheat Engine Download and utorrent to work.
2. Install those two softwares
3. Once installed, try to download torrent files.
4. Open Cheat Engine and look for the PC logo icon
5. Then choose utorrent.exe process
6. then check Enable SpeedHack then set the speed it to 0.5
*if you will set to maximum..it will rate 0kb/s

7. Enjoy Faster downloading...
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so it boost it up to 3X normal download and about 100% + added up! If you have still have a problem..just comment here.

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