09 November 2011

AutoPagerize: Cool Script [Review]

AutoPagerize Script: A Must Have
Have you tried to search in Google,Bing,and Yahoo with a certain keywords then you looked and felt that the first pages you were looking for  were not reliable to you and because of that you clicked the next links? Is it annoying right?

In manga, anime addicts like me really have to click the next button for the next action and it feels good if we are in the climax stage but in the end we will wait for the next issue. The thing is, we click 20 links just to see the art. Though some manga sites do have its keyboard shortcuts it is useful to those who are likely using the keyboard. Most of the users now really love to use scroll up and down in their mouse. But what if, i want just to scroll down just to see the next page?

AutoPagerize: Useful Script
AutoPagerize made by 作者  swdyh: Web Programmer/Engineer in Japan. Basically,the name itself you can really tell what its use. It loads paginated links and appended in the main site and it works efficiently.

Almost 1000+ websites can pagerize with this script. It looks like in every social networks like twitter, tumblr and facebook. Auto Pagerize,and unlimited scroll has its better user experience that can benefit us far from clicking using scrolls instead of clicking Next, and Previous link.

How to Install?
  • Google Chrome Users: Download Here
  • Safari 5 Users: Download here
  • Firefox 3.0 - 3.6: You need to install Grease Monkey first. Click here then download this AutoPagerize script. 
In google the page 2 appends in the page 1 see below
Also in manga, the 2nd photo appended in the 1st photo.


Hope it helps you because for me it really helps me a lot. :)) Have problem in installing the script? Comment below

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