14 October 2011

YouTube Philippines: The Launching

YouTube Philippines: The Launching

Hey, Fellow Filipinos especially those who sit watching YouTube Videos around the clock! It's a great news! Launching: Youtube Philippines!

YouTube's first localized service in Southeast Asia

According to Google's Director of Product Management Adam Smith: “Filipinos account for a lot of views in the Southeast Asia with tens of millions of views in a day.”

Are you surprise? Probably no, because we Filipinos are mostly spent hours sitting and watching video clips, and it makes a massive traffic. With billion videos that are viewed internationally per day and 2-day worth video uploads in which views are originating from the Philippines for 10 million views a day.

Philippine Online Population

According to Julian Persuad, managing director for Google Southeast Asia, notes, “The Philippine online community is even bigger than the actual population of most countries in Southeast Asia.”

Local TV Network

  • GMA-7 and ABS-CBN plan to make several TV shows be available on YouTube site.

For better?
The current state here in the Philippines is not good especially for public and government. Every now and then, you will certainly hear TV and radio shows, and read newspapers that our government does corruption. With this partnership, it will connect government with its people.

Public Offices Available
Content from public agencies will be available through two YouTube channels — RTVM and Official Gazette. Filipino President, Benigno S.C. Aquino III hopes that these channels will better engage the people of the Philippines and involve them more deeply with what is going on behind the scenes in public office.
Aquino will also be the first Asian head of state to take part in the Google-YouTube WorldView interview series on November 4, a show that features different world leaders answering online users’ questions. US President Barack Obama is also scheduled to answer problems in this manner as well. Filipino Secretary Ricky Carandang spoke on behalf of Aquino when he could not attend the launch event.

Source: https://thenextweb.com/google/2011/10/13/the-launch-of-youtube-philippines-why-its-good-for-the-philippine-people/

Are we happy to have localized YouTube????

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