12 October 2011

Tips: ShieldVPN Minor Issues

Tips: ShieldVPN Minor Issues
Okay, i think you want to know on some tips using ShieldVPN primarily to your Globe Tattoo.  These tips were based on my observation and experience. Since not all of you relates on how did it happen(i mean,something bad happen) to your VPN so i have put it in here.

Heres my tips on how to successfully connect your ShieldVPN

  • Granting you have successfully connected in to your shieldVPN and it displays Cant connect to update server. With this message, i suggest you need to select and choose another server. 

Because if not it will end up connection time-out!
  • If you notice in your Globe Dashboard and with your keen observation especially on transfer rate. You suddenly saw 0.00kbs and wonder you have to wait longer(which is of course very annoying :D)

i suggest you need to disconnect and connect it, if not you would RE RUN your dashboard to ensure it receives and delivers number of kilobytes(kb) transfer rate.
  • If you will try to update your shieldVPN then later you will experience same problem with me. As the image shows; Object Reference not set an instance of an object message and it will not properly run. hmm.

Solution: Dont update...try to re install/run new shieldvpn especially with your old backup(zip/rar file)

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