19 October 2011

Slide Floating Bar Bottom Widget Script

Slide Floating Bar Bottom Widget Script
Do you want to increase pageviews and time visits in your blog/website? Do you want also to have a floating bar script similar to mashable that when you try to scroll down it will appear on the right bottom ? Well, this might be an useful tool for you. And it works pretty cool too in this blog. :D

SimpleReach adds a useful widget that will boost pageviews. A widget that slides at the bottom right of the page.

  • Recommend the most relevant content
  • Increase pageviews and time on site
  • Free and easy-to-install

  • Increased pageviews and time on site
  • Increased sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Google +1 via embedded social buttons
  • Access to full analytics in 'Reports' on SimpleReach.com
  • Customize The Slide's style and functionality
  • Allow readers to opt-out


The Slide uses ‘asynchronous loading’ and will not affect the load time of your pages. Content recommendations are determined by SimpleReach's proprietary targeting algorithm, which factors in the following variables:
  • Contextual, behavioral and sentiment analysis
  • Posts most likely to be shared on social networks
  • Posts related to socially trending topics

Our targeting engine indexes your posts as they are read. As your pool of indexed posts grows, our recommendations will continually improve.


For more information:
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