28 October 2011

Online Virus Scan with Virus Total

Quick: Online Virus Scan with Virus Total[REVIEW]
Fast Way to Scan Suspicious Files

Are you fond of downloading and installing softwares? Do you feel suspicious in those software you have downloaded? Does your AntiVirus has updated virus signatures? If you are one of those three mentioned questions and you have internet connection...this website be useful to you.

Disadvantage to those who dont have internet connection.

VIRUS TOTAL( http://www.virustotal.com )

VirusTotal is a online service developed by Hispasec Sistemas that analyzes suspicious files and URLs enabling the identification of viruses, worms, trojans and other kinds of malicious content detected by antivirus engines and web analysis toolbars.

  • Free, independent service.
  • Runs multiple antivirus engines.
  • Runs multiple file characterization tools.
  • Real time automatic updates of virus signatures.
  • Detailed results from each antivirus engine.
  • Runs multiple web site inspection toolbars.
  • Real time global statistics.
  • Analysis automation API.
  • Online malware research community.
  • Desktop applications (VTUploader, VTzilla) for interacting with the service.




Featured resources are (usually free) goodies (freeware, browser extensions, scripts, etc.) related to VirusTotal that are, in addition to being added to the corresponding section in this site, highlighted in this tab so as to make them publicly known to the community.

VTchromizer: free Google Chrome browser extension that allows users to easily interact with VirusTotal. It adds an entry to the context menu in order to scan links with VirusTotal. It also adds a quick search box and scan link as a topbar popup.

VTzilla: free Mozilla Firefox browser extension that allows users to easily interact with VirusTotal. It adds an entry to the context menu in order to scan links with VirusTotal's URL analysis engine and it also integrates itself into the download dialog so as to allow the automatic VirusTotal inspection of downloaded files.

VT Uploader: Microsoft Windows freeware application that adds an entry to the context menu to easily scan local files with VirusTotal. Additionally, it can also download and scan links and running processes.

Public API: HTTP + JSON interface to automate analysis tasks with VirusTotal and retrieve scan reports, both on URLs and files.

VT Community: VirusTotal's pseudo-social network, allows making comments on file and web site analysis reports, interaction with other users, file tagging, reputation based scoring, etc.

Via http://www.virustotal.com

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