13 October 2011

Kebrum VPN + Globe Tattoo Smart Bro

Configure: Kebrum VPN + Globe Tattoo Smart Bro
Want to try another free,secure and fast VPN? You might like Kerbum VPN. Use this VPN together with your Globe or Smart.

Kebrum is a fast,free and secure VPN. Its a great way to use though some of you rather use old VPN. But its your choice. But as for this writing, i use Kebrum, and i would say its fast! :D Though i have problems in language. Its in Germany! 

Become anonymous
Hide your identity by changing your IP-address with the IP of our server. No one, not even your own ISP, will know who you are and what websites are you surfing.

Liberalize access
ISP blocked websites and protocols at work or at home? YouTube, Facebook and Twitter sent a goodbye note? Not a problem anymore – enjoy the freedom to surf.

Secure Wi-Fi connection
Using public Wi-Fi you should take into account the risk from wireless interception and so called «sniffing». Encoding with a 128-bit key secures your data.

Get more
Spotify, Pandora, Last.fm, BBC, FOX, Hulu are now available for everyone: just use Kebrum VPN and enjoy high-quality streaming, videos and music. You are the only one choosing your internet citizenship.

Why use Kebrum VPN
  • Servers in different countries        
  • Unlimited traffic and unrestricted speeds
  • Supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec protocols
  • Connect from two locations at the same time
  • Allows torrents and P2P
  • Offshore service provider
  • Works on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iPhone ...
1. Preset
Globe Dashboard Settings
APN: http.globe.com.ph
Authentication protocol settings: Pap
Access number: *99# (Udp)  | *99***1 (TCP)

Smart Dashboard Settings
use smart buddy/talk n text
at least have 2 pesos(but i suggest use ultrasurf because smart may block your sim)

APN: internet
Authentication protocol settings: Pap
Access number: *99# (Udp)  | *99***1 (TCP)

2. Kebrum Account

go here and register: https://kebrum.com/choose and then choose HARD ... follow the instructions. Then..


in that file browse and look for pass.txt 
KEBRUM VPN + Portable OpenVPN 2.2.1\data\config
and replace username and password
Username=email address
password: your password in kebrum

****for windows vista/7

click OpenVPNPortable.exe and run with as administrator

Try to browse google.com it will redirect you to http://www.google.de/ and it indicates that you have successfully set your VPN.

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