03 October 2011

FAQs: Troubleshoot ShieldVPN Software

FAQs: Troubleshoot ShieldVPN Software

Troubleshoot ShieldVPN(Frequently Asked Questions)

Since you just landed here and start reading this post, i would probably say, you have experienced some problems along with this software,in fact, i was also experienced difficulties in running/installing this software. So i think i need to make a post and  share it to you.

i will just generalize all possible solutions in some(mostly experienced) cases.By the way, I only tested it in some OS primarily XP and Windows7. Its up to you if you will apply it or not :)) Some errors occurred because theres a requirements forgot to comply.

1. Important to note, you need to uninstall network virtual drivers that have already been installed with some of your VPN (standalone ie HotSpot Shield since it can conflict network communication in both virtual drivers)

2. Manual: You need to install driver here. (in your shieldvpn,browse HSS driver -> ShieldVPN\data\driverhss something like this, and depending in your system(mostly we used 32bit) browse win32bit

The result location would be:<shieldVPN main folder>\data\driverhss\win32
and click addtap32.cmd to install Tap Virtual Driver and wait for the success message to display in your monitor.

3. You can run shieldVPN then install Tap Driver: Click Misc Button then in the driver tab, click Install TAP
As shown below:
4. If you accomplish aboved-solutions, if you are using windows7, right click ShieldVPN.exe then RUN as Administrator

5. In XP, there's a slight bugs on the program, because it has delay in switching smart->globe when clicking the Letters (S) for smart and (G) for globe. Also, it will cause the button(connect to appear disabled) but you need to run, and wait for the Globe and Click in other part of the button(connect). Sounds complicated in XP right? yes, it does...i guess i need to install latest Framework..now it needs 3.5 version

6. You need to install Microsoft Framework.
Some errors(root element display when running the ShieldVPN)

Heres the link of the framework(if you have latest framework like 4.0, thats better)
Download .NET Framework 3.5
before installing it you need to install framework 2 first

Download .NET Framework 2.0

7. Before connecting to your Dashboard
Globe Configuration
APN: http.globe.com.ph
Access number: *99#
Advanced: Authentication Protocol Settings: PAP

Smart Configuration(smart buddy /TNT sim)
APN: internet
Dial #: *99#
Advanced: Authentication Protocol Settings: PAP

Use HSS TCP protocol: 443,5000,9200 ports.

8. If you are connected to your shieldVPN and then you have only white display in your browser.
Try to remove all proxy server in your browser settings and reconnect your shieldVPN... i usually do 3 reconnects and then i can freely use internet. ;)

9. Be careful in updating your shieldVPN, last few days, when i update the software it does crazy error messages and it is frustrating and annoying.. but you can still reinstall shieldVPN though.

10. Be patient and be a techy-sometimes :D

So i hope it will help you feel comfortable and i hope you will know some information that cause malfunction with shieldVPN..thank you..if  you like the post, feel free to share it. Like/Retweet/+1/Stumble :)


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