11 October 2011

Facebook iPad App Releases

Finally, Facebook iPad App has come
Facebook iPad App has been released last Monday. With the mobile version of the facebook website it will now offer great integration with third party game and application developers. The Facebook iPad app is designed for great user consumption experience.


A New Way to Experience Facebook

Enjoy bigger, better photos
Your photos take on new life on the iPad. They're big, high-res and easy to flip through—like a real photo album.

Focus on what matters
With less on the screen, it's easier to zoom in on your friends' photos, updates and stories.

Navigate anywhere, fast
Just tap, slide or pinch to get from one screen to another and back again in no time.

Never lose your place
Use simplified navigation to send a message, see your notifications or browse your bookmarks without switching screens.

Play games on the go
Play your favorite Facebook games wherever you are, and on a bigger screen.

Tap to send messages
A simple dropdown menu makes it easy to scan and send messages without v

Source: . https://www.facebook.com/mobile/ipad

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