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Cipher: Crack the Code Game Tips and Hints

Who want to play some riddle game that will blow your mind? Well, i would say this is a unique pattern puzzle riddle onle game. Play Cipher Crack the Code by GameMasterTips
A great browser riddle by Gamemastertips. Cipher: Crack the Code is a challenging brain teaser online riddle game created and subbed by Benjamin Gabbay.
 "Cipher is an online riddle. Its name, according to the dictionary, means "a message in code." An online riddle is a kind of puzzle that requires a wide range of skills in order to advance through a series of HTML pages or "levels. Spoilers!!! :D

Changelog Updates

  • Last Updated September 16 2012 10:21PM GMT+8added level 11-15 +minor changes 
  • Updated September 15 2012 10:21PM GMT+8 minor changes + procedures+morehints


TIPS and HINTS (basically, You need to replace/change the URL before .htm and you can view page source)
  • Level 1: If you read the link address, you will know the answer and proceed to level 2. :)
  • Level 2: click the image and youll see: "The door is locked! Find another way to get to level 3... what does the page title say?"
Page Title says URL? so try to change the word level2 before .htm to level3
  • Level 3: it shows Get to the SOURCE of the problem! 
So you need to get the page source: How? Right click in the page -> choose View Page Source and you will get the answer and proceed to level 4
  • Level 4: Computer talks in binary so you need to convert binary to text. Decode it Here
Binary: 011101000111001001101111011010100110000101101110
Text: <your decoded binary>+ .htm

Then you are seeing Almost. Click on the link in the image(no.4) and enter your answer in the password box.

So in braggart.htm, click the Number 4 Image.

You will prompt to enter Username and Password: the username will be Cipher and the password will be on the Binary that is converted to TEXT..see above for clues.
  • Level 5: Brick the wall(Pagetitle = come to the dark side...)  Just view the source, theres a htm file need to visit it(get the page source again) and theres htm to level 6 there.

View Source first then you will get a link from the &lt; iframe &gt; tag :)) click and visit it..then, view source again and you will see a htm link... copy it and replace the .htm to proceed Level 6
  • Level 6: Chain of Letters | Get the source code then you will see an image...go try to visit that image..and it will lead you in series of photos..just combine those letters to get level 7.
First it display screen6a.jpg, then visit this series of letters and  change the image filename, 6b, 6o.jpg, 6L, 6i, 6s,6h,6e,6d, so... append these characters...

still cant figure out?
  • Level 7: Use of the Photo Manipulating Software (Color/Brightness): Illuminate the Darkness.. What does it means? Basically you need to light it up.. So you need to lower contrast and bright it up to see the next level found below right of the image
1. Download and save as the image
2. Open with Photoshop or any photo editor that has brightness/contrast

In Photoshop
Brightness: +150
Contrast: -50
Make sure the preview is checked so that you can see the changes when you change the value of brightness/contrast. :)

In the below-right of that portion, you will notice a WORD and use it as a password later on.

*Alternative with brightness/contrast

Use of Levels
Set the center value in the range of 2-4 and you will see the WORD.
Hint: the word means To keep from being seen, found, observed, or discovered.

Then, CLICK the EYE of the chipmunk/rat or whatever it is. :)) then it will prompt you a login information.
Username: cipher
Password: WORD described above :)))
  • Level 8: Creepy | ASCII Codes - View the page source theres a hint there (GIF me,

    GIF(Graphic Interface Format)  is a format of image developed  by CompuServe in 1987 while JPG or JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) ..
    Here we go, you need to change jpg to gif. :) and put it onto the url address
The blinking numbers:

The numbers is in ASCII DEC/CHAR form so you need to decode it to view in plain text.

You need to use to get the word and proceed to level 9.

Put the numbers in the spoilers individually into the ASCII DEC/Char input form, and the answer will be on the TEXT form. :))

The word is  the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly.

  • Level 9:  Musical Note: View the source, you will get picture8ofdoom.jpg change number 8 to 9 so it will become picture9ofdoom.jpg, and you will the notes here. Then translate note to letters. Just Google it. But if you are tired.

    If you are not familiar with the musical notes you can view the musical notes to letters here

    Hint: The word is  a green vegetable for its densely-leaved head.
  • Level 10: HEXed: ANSWER | View the Page SOurce you will HEXed so meaning its a HEXADECIMAL format. And you might noticed that Letter 'W' is a gray and you might thanks other letters are the same? but it is actually different.  If you look closely, you will know what i meant. so how? So you need to get that color hex first character. How? I used PicPick Software, but you can use corel,photoshop,gimp etc.

    you can download PicPick here and it is FREE!

Hint: The word is  a period of 10 years

Then click the letter W, and it will again enter login information
Username: Cipher
Password: <word>.htm
  • Level 11: ROME(Roman Numerals):  View the page source, and you will find a small hint.
    XI(11) try to change it to XII(12) same with previous level...oh wait, it will display wrong number so basically, we need to get other hint here.
The first photo has a number there and it is set opacity low and it is 1009, we need to convert it to Roman Numeral since the photo has a Rome and the page source linked to Roman Numeral.
Convert Number to Roman Numeral here:

Hint: The word is To combine or blend into one

  • Level 12: Keys | view the page source and you will get

    Is it the monitor? but it says, the infront of me is my keyboard and mouse and therefore it is literally means only the keyboard .

    Since it is in the keyboard, we will examined the hint

    i ->  o
    x -> c

    It turns out that the key 'i' becomes 'o' and 'x' to 'c' so the pattern here is the NEXT RIGHT key on the Standard keyboard.

    Therefore, in this statement:  
    Move all to next right key
    u ->
    b ->
    c ->
    w- ->
    b- ->
    r- ->
    u- ->
    i- ->
    b ->

    If theres a problem with your keyboard you can use this hint also.
    Also the hint is: a machine/device. 9 characters.

Level 13:  Friday 13: View the page source and you will get these

dd/{mm}/1949 1st
dd/{mm}/1984 2nd
dd/{mm}/1946 2nd
dd/{mm}/1955 1st
dd/{mm}/1937 1st
dd/{mm}/1981 3rd
<!--No, this level does NOT have anything to do with Rebecca Black.-->

Okey, lets further examined these hints.

It is friday and it is 13, so it is also means FRIDAY THE 13TH.
dd/{mm} is a format used by many people/computers which means dd - day (01-31), mm - month (01-12)

so 1st we will find  dd/{mm}/1949 1st friday, the result is

May 13, 1949

How did i come up with that?

I used Friday the 13th finder here =&gt;
How to use in that site?
Choose the beginning and ending year should be the year above hints.
and click find button and wait for the result. then collect it

i collected it here

May, 1949
April, 1984
December, 1946
May, 1955
August, 1937
November, 1981

so what is that word? ;))
  • Level 14: Sounds | You will be seeing this
    Level 14 is all about sound. Therefore, your computer is required to play sound, and you are required to hear sound.
    Due to complaints regarding deaf riddlers and the possibility of people without sound cards, this level has been made optional to complete.
    If you would like to play through level 14, CLICK HERE.
    If you cannot hear sound for whatever reason and would like to progress to level 15, CLICK HERE.

You can answer it or you can go directly to level 15 right?

  • Level 15: Dissolve Image: Whats wrong with this picture?
    So it means, it has  a problem in viewing the image right? how to tell and know what exactly the problem?

    Procedure: View the pagesource, you will notice  <img src="screenthe15th.txt" width="32" height="32">
yes,  <img> tag must be in image format like .jpg, .gif, .png, so you need to replace .txt to jpg :)

<img> tag is a HTML tag syntax.
I would like to extend my gratitude to my friend Ken for his answers and hints. And the thing is You Have to Enjoy! ... level upwards will be posted soon.. =D



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