21 October 2011

BSoD: Blue Screen of Death Screensaver

BSoD: Blue Screen of Death Screensaver
Experience Unique Sensation
Do you experience a Blue Screen on your PC/Netbook/Laptop? If so, then you might felt nervous because maybe there was something went wrong. Perhaps you would think that your system had a problems. But if you are a Geeky probably no worries. Well, that blue screen you have encountered was called BSoD short for Blue Screen of Death.

BSoD: Blue Screen of Death( brief information )

According to Wikepedia
The Blue Screen of Death (also known as BSoD, Blue Screen, or bluescreen), known officially as a Stop Error or a bug check, is the error screen displayed by the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems upon encountering a critical error, of a non-recoverable nature, that causes the system to crash. The term is named after the color of the screen generated by the error. In UNIX-based operating systems, a similar term is kernel panic.
Stop errors are hardware or driver related, causing the computer to stop responding in order to prevent damage to the hardware or data. In the latest versions of Windows, the screen presents information for diagnostic purposes that was collected as the operating system performed a bug check.

Its a Bug Check and it is annoying. On most cases(especially on my experienced), it usually displays BSoD when  the system process not enough RAM Memory and its primarily cause is playing games because it consumes lot of RAM memory so beware(even though i have 2GB of RAM memory still i got BSoD too).

As for a normal user, it would be a nervous sensation effect when encountered. So be aware! However, theres a crazy people out there made it to be a screensaver. Yes a screensaver!

Screensaver: Short Definition

According to wikipedia
A screensaver is a type of computer program initially designed to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and plasma computer monitors by blanking the screen or filling it with moving images or patterns when the computer is not in use. Contemporary screensavers are used primarily for entertainment or security.
Decades before the first computers utilizing this technology were invented, Robert A. Heinlein postulated that they would be needed in his novel Stranger In A Strange Land.

For windows7 users, you would probably experienced bubbles screensaver. In my schooling days, i installed fish pond screensaver on my desktop that is my desktop has a school of fish! But today it would be interesting to note that BSoD can be a screensaver too.


  • It has microsoft loading after BSoD screensaver
  • when interrupted it will have a Restarting message

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