12 September 2011

Web Design: Check Browser Compatibility

Web Design: Check Browser Compatibility with Browsershots
Web Designer Tool: Less Time and Consume Less
Are you a Web Designer? If you ARE then, probably, you have a problem in your pages in viewing different major browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. Yes, even with me (a frustrated wannabe a web designer hehe ) also experienced and took a different look especially viewing my web in internet explorer (lower version - because latest IE Version 9 is now follows the standard ). And found to be little bit frustrating, because i usually used chrome in viewing my pages. And it does WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! Sounds calming but what about in IE ?

With that in Mind, you may ask yourself: On how to resolve it. Since i did not care about the looks in other browsers i just put it aside for i am only created website in my spare time and i usually coded it in chrome. 

Found something useful
I asked my geeky friend on how to view my website in different browsers. First, he mentioned about a service but it was costly and i did not want it in the first place :) , on the other hand, he gave me another name which i felt happy when he said it was FREE! And it was BrowserShots !!!

What is Browsershots?

Browsershots is a web service that checks and tests websites for compatibility on different browsers by taking SCREENSHOT(as the name implies) of pages and are rendered in actual browsers based on different OPERATING SYSTEMS.

Using this service makes less time rather than testing it in your installed browsers. However, it depends on your scope, if you think there are no visitors come from in LINUX users then you can use your browsers.

FEATURES: Surely loved
  • Easy to Use
  • Open for All
  • Access Source Code
  • 100% FREE
Visit here: http://browsershots.org/ and put your web link in the address bar and check it in different browsers. :) May you have Better Web Looks :D

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