21 September 2011

Top Best Cool Funny Google Tricks

Top Best Cool Google Tricks
Funny tricks!
Are you feeling bored there? And you have nothing to do? Well, start to amaze and smile with these funny tricks and information. All information were found on net / experienced and collected by me.

Google Tricks are categories in two: 
  • Direct(which means in Google Itself)  
  • Indirect(outside Google, but it relates to it)
A few days ago, I was flooded with a shared status of trending Google Gravity. And it is said: Just go to google.com then type: Google Gravity and Click I'm Feeling Lucky Button, and you will be amazed.

So I tried it for proof because if it doesn't work will I have to kick those friends who shared it (- Nah joking hehe), and yes! Honestly, i have been amazed by it, but with a bit of curiosity on how it works, i then asked myself. Is that trick made by Google since I searched the keywords in Google main site? So I have searched for answers. Fortunately, I found an answer in Google LOL!

I'm Feeling Lucky Button
Whoa! I'm feeling Lucky! So with you are right? But Google also has it. Lucky Button will just open the first result in that keyword searched. So if you are in 1st Page, 1st Link you'll be happy to click the I'm feeling lucky button.

Funny Google Tricks
With that information above, I will just use the Lucky Button instructions

1. Google Gravity - mainly it falls down the information in that page.
  • Open Google.com
  • Type Google Gravity
  • Click I'm Feeling Lucky
In a few seconds it will drop/fall down: see screenshot below

2. Keyword Recursion - As the name suggests, it will repeat in the same process.
Direct type | Google.com
Here if you:

  • Type Recursion in Google.com
  • It will show Did you mean: recursion  
  • So if you will click it, it will proceed you to a similar page..so it repeats! :))
3. Epic Google - it will grow bigger and bigger. In contrast to Weenie Google in next
Indirect | Source: http://www.toobigtouse.com/
  • Open Google.com
  • Type Epic Google
  • Click I'm Feeling Lucky

4. Weenie Google - it will grow smaller and smaller. Compared to Epic Google it will do bigger in size.
Indirect | Source: http://www.toosmalltouse.com/

  • Open Google.com
  • Type Weenie Google
  • Click I'm Feeling Lucky
5. Google Hacker - if someone hacks the Google server it will display like this
  • Open Google.com
  • Type Google Hacker
  • Click I'm Feeling Lucky

6. Annoying Google - it will just annoy you in typing the keywords.
  • Open Google.com
  • Type Annoying Google
  • Click I'm Feeling Lucky
7. Good electronica -  Play beat loop
Indirect | Source: http://www.unceunce.com/
8. Google Loco - get loco with this search
Indirect | Source: http://www.thatsloco.com/

9. Find Chuck Norris keyword - Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you. 
Indirect | Source: http://www.nochucknorris.com/
  • Open Google.com
  • Type Find Chuck Norris
  • Click I'm Feeling Lucky
and it will suggest:

  • Run, before he finds you
  • Try a different person

10. Keyword Search - What is the meaning of search in Google?
Direct | Source: google.com
Type Search on google and look for the 1st result.

Answer: Bing.com - search engine for Microsoft. Funny and awkward? =)
Believe me:

11. Loneliest Number - according to Google's Calculator, the answer would be 1.
Direct | Source: Google.com
  • Open Google.com
  • Type Loneliest number
  • see the 1st result :)
12. A number of Unicorn's horn - fictionally it has one horn only. So google's calculator answers well :P
Direct | Source: Google.com
  • Open Google.com
  • Type Number of horns in Unicorn
  • see the 1st result :)

Be amazed! :)


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