27 September 2011

SpeedConnect: Internet Accelerator

Speed Up Your Internet Connection: SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator
Do you hate wasting a couple of hours sitting in front your PC/Netbook/Laptop just to wait for your favorite websites to pop up on the screen? Do you find a hard time in downloading that even a small file from the source takes you hours to finish it? Come and shake hands, you're not alone.

Most of us really think that internet connection speed of our computer to the Internet is just a question of how fast their modem/ISP works, but there is a little bit more beyond than that.

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator
SpeedConnect is a useful program that can adjust and optimize connection. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful software for Windows created to optimize the internet connection, and it can accelerate internet activities: Playing Online Games, Streaming, Downloading, nd Browsing.

  •  Optimizes all internet connection types (
    Modem/Dial-Up, LAN, Cable, xDSL, ISDN, T1, Wireless, Satellite.)
  •  User friendly Graphic Interface
  •  Quick Optimizer wizard option 
  •  Advanced Customization 
  •  Tools and Wizards 
  •  Load/Save Settings 
  •  Optimization Reports 
  •  Connection Analyzers
  • Fast, EASY, and SAFE
Easy-to-use network optimizer for Windows.Developed to boost your Internet connection speed. 

gui SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator

How it really works?

Basically, SpeedConnect optimized the setting values that prevent data packet fragments. To elaborate, by tweaking it in the data transfer using TCP/IP or UDP protocols used on the internet it will prevent fragments and it will increase the connection throughput with download/upload speeds.

However, you can do these tweaks( but with extra knowledge and car) and change the Windows system but you need to know where it hides in the Windows Hive. But with this software it calculates, optimizes and safely modifies the values, you can easily config to optimize network connection.

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator v8 FULL


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