18 September 2011

Smart Bro MF180 Trick Free Internet

Smart Bro MF180 Trick Free Internet
A simple client trickHave a new SmartBro Power Plug it Modem MF180 Model? Learn about how to be geeky in one day. Here's a simple trick to bypass MF180 no profile settings/config filename issue. By the way, it is a new model made by Smarty( actually it is SMART BRO, and it was called by some discoverers of this trick). 
Updated May 01, 2012
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For GLOBE USERS: February 27, 2012

Technologically, it is not a framework on PHP script, etc. It is merely SMART BRO since this model achieve its smartness (oops). Smarty as opposes to its competitive partner in crime in USB Modem Internet Provider - GLOBOBO(Globe). It can be called Smarty, simple because its setting APN(which makes it cross to the world of free internet try some tricks) can not be changed with its GUI(Graphical User Interface) though it has a setting menu theres no button to add a config file or profile management background. So SMARTY! Hehe..

Curious VS Smarty
Even with its new modified, hack free version of the model, but still, it can be tricked. There's a lot of curious techie geeky peeps can find a hole and make it work 100% Free as same as those models. Therefore, unusual pips win the battle TKO! :P

In some information,  there were authors warned many users not to buy this model MF180. But what if there's no other model available in SMART stores? And you are eager to buy it because you really need internet connection by hook or by crook, so in the end, you will buy it. Though some users don't know the trick here, so it is alright.

Enough with this nonsense, these and let's get started!

Here are the simple steps.
1. Locate your Smart Bro Files usually: C:\Program Files\SMART BRO

2. Find NetConfig.ini  and edit its APN.
Looks like this
3. and hoopla! You are done. Then connect!

Note you can try without changing it just a default smart bro dashboard setting

Before and after screenshot: Notice the APN title

click picture for larger image

Thanks to http://symbianize.com and to discovered :)

NOTE if you can see the in file you can view the hidden file

Thanks to concern citizen

Anonymous said...
Guys,jst wanna share that this trick needs a lot of patience and exploring bt i really works..In fact, its been 21 days na when i 1st made it work..
For those who can't find/view the "netconfig.ini file" all u need to do is
*right click on smartbro icon on ur desktop
*select "open file folder"
*to show the file extensions simply click "tools>>>folder options>>>view tab>>>
*under "hidden files and folder" uncheck the box opposite to "hide extensions for known file types"
*click apply and Ok.
*refresh and and buala, u'l find the .ini file..
hope this helps..
Sir ADMIN...thanks po ulit and mabuhay...!


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