25 September 2011

Picnik: Best Free Online Photo Editing

Picnik:Cool Top Best Free Online Photo Editing

Are you fond in editing photos? Do you want a photo editing to be more fast,fun and easy? And do you find time consuming just to edit a an image?Then this could be a great news for you! With this tool, you can do and make fabulous images fast with fun!

PICNIK: Free Online Editing Tool
Picnik - Photo Editing Made Fun(Makes your photo images look better).

Key Features:
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast (not recommended to slow internet connections)
  • Edit in one click!
  • No download, No installation!
  • Basic EDITS
  1. Crop
  2. Rotate
  3. Exposure
  4. Colors
  5. Sharpen
  6. Resize
  • Cool Effects(sepia,tint,vibrance, and theres more)
  • Awesome Texts(High Quality Font Type Tool)and Shapes
  • Astounding Stickers
  • Fabulous frames
  • Advanced Controls
  • Seasonal Themes
  • Easy Sharing to Facebook,Twitter,FlickR,Google Picasa and Photobucket.
  • and more...
So are you ready to make an awesome image? 
Visit here: http://www.picnik.com/ | you need to register. Its fast and Easy!

My sample work:
Picnik - one of the best photo editing tools online! Go try with it! =)

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