08 September 2011

HOW TO: Make Designs in After Effects

Make Designs in After Effects
Another Yet Powerful Application to Design
Learn to create cool designs with this designing tool from Adobe Inc- After Effects Software. Wahh! After Effects is a Video Editing Tool and why is it you used it for making designs? You might ask something like this. Well, yes! After Effects primarily used to create videos. You can also add some special effects with it. In fact, some movie animators used this software. For this, I want to share something with this software. Back to our discussion, since it is primarily used in Video Editing then I would say, I will use it minimally in Designing.*blinks*

Instead  of using known design tool like but not limited to:
  • Adobe Photoshop(Photo Manipulation)
  • Corel Draw(logo designs)
  • Corel Photo-Paint(Photo Editing)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Vector-based logo designs)
Why Use If Designing Tools were already Exists?
Just a bit of curiosity and experiments, you can use other software that not necessary intended for a particular task. If you will try to search over a net, especially on Videos like in YouTube. You will be amazed that some people are crazy creating a simple design with software. 

For example: Creating Gundam Robot in Microsoft Excel. (go search for it on youtube)

Some things really need not meet correctly, just like a quote(I don't know if I heard this, I just put what pops out in my mind =) ): Beyond Imagination!

So in After Effects too, you can create poster designs. 

What are the advantages?

1. Fast Preview on Effects
In my experiences, using Adobe After Effects create a quick preview on Motion Effects. Sometimes, I really love to have a design that has a bokeh effect or Lens Blur Effect. Doing it in Photoshop(PS) made a number of steps just to achieve ONE effect whereas in AE(after effects), I just need to apply one effect and change the effect settings to suit my desired output. Sounds fun right?

>> Just add effect and make some changes on those effects
>> Preview it in different time(seconds) to see the cool effect
>> Even it has more effects it is still fun

2. Generate Multiple Output
If you have are done making designs for it, then you can export it in image format( PNG SEQUENCE, or PSD SEQUENCE)

For the PSD Sequence, some layer elements will be exported perfectly. I mean, all the effect output in AE will also be in PS. And it makes a number of Frames. If you have noticed in Composition, you will be asked for the frames. Usually 29.9 Frame per second for Video.

3. More Built-in Motion Effects
Since it has more built-in effects than other software like PS, then I might be useful in making a design. Depending on your design, it works well. Also, you can always do experiment with those effects. 

Just remember to experiment all those effects to create excellent output.

Here's my design in After Effects(glow, lens blur, vignette effect)

Do you want to try creating fresh designs in After Effects?

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