18 September 2011

HOW TO: Install Smart Bro on Windows7

HOW TO Install Smart Bro on Win7
Troubleshoot OLD Versions in Smart Bro USB Modems
Have problems in running your SMART BRO Modem(especially HSPDA USB Modem MF627 Model)in your Windows 7 Operating System(OS)? If you have, then feel free to explore here.

Cause of the problem
You might notice that something strange happen with its network drivers. Though it is successfully Installed onto your PC but still, it cannot get signals because its DRIVERS may be incompatible in new OS like Windows 7. 

1. Plug your SmartBro in your PC/Netbook/Laptop
2. The autorun will execute first upon plugging it. Sometimes, it will display install window. If it is the case, then cancel the installation. However, if autorun window will appear, click FOLDERS and browse instead.
3. Instead, Browse It and right click then click OPEN/Open window
4. and Browse the SETUP.exe
5. Right-click and click Troubleshoot compatibility and another window will appear that detect issues.

6. In the Program Compatibility window, Select Try Recommended Settings and wait for the Resolving Issue then click START PROGRAM  Button and then click NEXT Button.
7. Installation complete you can try your Smartbro now.
8. Don't forget to save settings. Click Yes, save these settings for this program
9. Congratulations! You can run your Smartbro, and you will be happy to see that it has signal now. :)
10. You can also check firmware updates in Smartbro website!
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