25 September 2011

HOW TO: Boost Internet Connection

HOW TO: Boost Internet Connection
Tired of your slow internet connection??? Well, this might be a good one to try and test it with your own experimentation. :)

Learn a simple task to make your internet connection faster using a small utility software.

Ping is a service command that communicates the user device(PC users) to end device(address to ping) usually the DNS server to test whether the device is functionally working well.

If you ping a server, then it is TIME OUT...it may be due to some Network Issue either it doesn't ON, or it is on the rule of limitation not to response.

However, if you ping and there's a reaction with its TTL(Time-to-live) data and you see time MS(ms > 200 Better, ms >1000 slow)

How to PING?
1. Click Start then type RUN(win7)click RUN(winXP) type ping <IP ADDRESS/Hostname><optional command)

ping yahoo.com -t

-t | means an infinite loop

You can also directly type: ping yahoo.com -t in the input box in clicking start

So how do I boost my internet connection?
Well the answer will be PING YOUR DNS Server

You can get your DNS Server by using IPCONFIG /ALL in your COMMAND PROMPT

But wait!....
There's a cool software, and it has a cool feature too. 

Introducing, WINPING! 
WinPing is a FREE application tool that can ping to any servers(Hostname or IP Address).

  • Infinite Loop
  • MultiPing
  • Shows Country Name
  • Resolved All IP Addresses(ie. => Localhost)
  • Shows Bytes and TTL
  • Shows Graph
  • Add Numbers of Retries
  • Customize Tempo time
  • Saves ping time

If the above link was blocked to your ANTIVIRUS, then visit and click here Alternate Link to Download. It is useful to programmers and server network administrators too. So now...is there a bit faster to your internet browsing??? :)

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