28 September 2011

Globe Monster Proxy IP Free Internet

Globe Monster Proxy IP Fast Free Internet
Make your internet browsing experience great! With this proxies, you can maximize and speed up your connection. Introducing Monster Proxy (i will call it monster proxy - MP ) :) (Tagalog = Halimaw [from the discoverer warmayhem]) for Globe Users!
Monster Proxy Ip originated in Russia! Go try! :)

Updated April 27, 2012
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[Update October 01 2011]
The Author added proxies
(Note: combine these proxies in your VPN for faster internet experience =D )

Address: Port: 80
Address: Port: 80
Address: Port: 80

[Update September 30, 2011]
it seems it is not working in my location hmmm...
i used node-217-23-140-26.caravan.ru )) but it is unstable and slow so use VPN instead.
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New GLOBE MAGIC IP Proxy IP Address September 28, 2011

Address: Port: 80

Configurations in browsers
Chrome Users
1. click settings(wrench menu)
2. click Option in the menu
3. click under the hood tab
4. select change proxy settings
5. in your profile(click settings)
6. Check Use proxy server
7. add Address: Port: 80

Mozilla Users
1. Click Option
2. Choose Advanced Tab
3. select Network tab
4. click settings
5. Choose manual proxy configuration
6. add Address: Port: 80

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