18 September 2011

Fast Internet: SmartBro + Ultrasurf Default Setting

SmartBro Default Setting UltraSurf Free Browsing{ FREE INTENET}
Learn on how to experience better internet browsing using Smart BRO Trick with ULTRAsurf application.

Actually, it is the same in this Configuration with SmartBro Buddy SIM ULTRASURF but it has differ APN settings in the smart bro dashboard.
How did i find it working? When i created a blog post about Troubleshoot in RUNNING SmartBro in Windows 7, i tried to uninstall my smartbro and installed it for the purpose of capturing numbers of screenshot. Basically, when you uninstalled your BRO, all the settings(TRICKS and TIPS) config filename or profile management,your settings/configurations will also be removed. So when ive done making my post and started to install back the software - smartbro. I didnt noticed that i successfully connected to internet.

So whats happening now? But first i will review the settings:
for smartbro dashboard:

Default Configuration
Config Filename:  SmartBro
Dial #: *99#
Authentication Mode: PAP

In your ULTRASURF also, it is the same in your smartbro trick(smartbuddy and TNT sim)

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Review Settings

proxy host:
proxy port: 8080

Heres my proof screenshot and in my observation: it is faster than APN: Internet.
I really dont know if it is a bug or strange happen but my screenshot may tell 90% true. :P

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