15 September 2011

Facebook Subscribe Button Feature

Facebook Subscribe Button Feature
Facebook launches Subscribe button Feature to enable public following. With this feature, you can follow your favorite artist, journalist, programmer, singer, actress/actor and any person's update.

What is Facebook Subscribe?
It is a new feature that will allow your friends to see your public updates.

How to Enable Subscribe?
Even if you are not friend with that person you can still subscribe.
Go to this address http://facebook.com/about/subscribe, click Allow Subscribers button

Enable and get your publicly updates.

You can edit your settings: Edit subscriber settings
  • Subscribers - Allow person other than your friends to subscribe to public updates.
  • Comments - Allow anyone to comment on your public updates.
  • Notifications - Get notified about these new subscriber:

Use the Subscribe button to choose what you see from friends and others in News Feed. For each person, you could hide all game stories, see just photos, limit updates to life events and more.

You can see this icon in your profile sidebar

FAQS from Facebook

Why do all my friends have a 'Subscribed' button?

You've always been subscribed to your friends. With the Subscribe button, you can choose which of their updates you get.

Why don't all profiles have a Subscribe button?

Only people who allow subscribers will have a Subscribe button on their profile. If you don't see the button, you can't subscribe.

How do people subscribe to my updates?

After you allow subscribers, a Subscribe button will show up on your profile. Your public updates will appear in people's News Feeds once they click this button.

If I allow subscribers, what updates will they see?

Subscribers can see only the things you share publicly. They can also choose how many and what types of these public updates they get.


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