21 September 2011

Facebook Hide Offline Friends Option

Facebook Hide Offline Friends Option
Do you feel bit annoying when opening your chat window and then all you can see is your offline friends? If you are, then you have the option to hide all your offline friends with this simple script.

How to Add option to hide offline friends in Facebook chat?
For Mozilla Firefox Users
1. You need to install Grease Monkey Script first.

Click Below

Run code a small bit of Javascript

Click Download Now

Once you are finished downloading it. Click INSTALL NOW button

Once installed, Click Restart Now.

Success! GreaseMonkey is now installed!
2. Once you successfully installed the GreaseMonkey, then you need to fix the hide offline Facebook friends option script. Go to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/112047 

3. Click Install Button

4. Success!!

For Google Chrome Users
There's no need to install GreaseMonkey
1. Go to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/112047
2. Click the Install Button
3. Success!

Sample Successful Screenshot

I installed it in my chrome, and it works like a charm with me. =)

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