23 September 2011

Enable Facebook Timeline: Online Yearbook

Facebook Timeline: An Online Yearbook of Our Life

Facebook announced the launching of its new feature called Timeline - a new profile omnibus look that is like a story book of your life. During to its f8 conference, Mark Zuckerber emotionally delivered a speech with the changes of his website. Though it is not yet open to all, but facebook said that it will be for everyone in  a couple of weeks, which may surprised or annoyed the users. But it really depends on that person if she/he likes it.Anyways, but right now i tried to explore more on this feature.

How to Enable Facebook Timeline?
I was curious about the walls talking to facebook timeline, i saw how to enable it. Though ive googled it the details i have found many sources. So to enable timeline, i put some steps here.

1. Log to facebook. of course. =D
2. Visit here first: (for more details of timeline: http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline) just in case
3. Below it, theres a sign me up button,  if you are lucky one then celebrate and explore TIMELINE!
4. But If you see a display Timeline is coming soon  =( then continue...
5. Type and visit http://facebook.com/developers/ If you dont have experienced to make an application in facebook then its the right time =). So you need to Allow developer app request for permission.
6. Create New App by clicking it in the right portion
Important note: Since the facebook need to confirm and verify you if you are really a developer... no worries, you just need to sign up Facebook Mobile first(or at least you have a credit card)

7. Then Open Graph and click Get Started
8. Fill up the configuration page..just read instructions there and click all 3 page of settings.
9.Wait for a minutes.
10. Revisit your Facebook Home and you'll see an invite to try timeline. :) enjoy

If you successfully set to new profile timeline,then only (for a meantime) developers will see new changes to your profile the rest it will displays old profile. :)

Sometimes, when you create an application it will prompt you "need to have a “verified” account for one of the steps, which means you need a credit card or phone number attached to the account."

Heres my Facebook PROFILE TIMELINE


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