23 August 2011

Windows7 Photo Viewer Yellow Color

Win7/Vista Photo Viewer Yellow Color Background Issue
How to Remove the Yellow Color Background in Photo Viewer
Learn on how to fix the Yellow Tinted background in Windows Photo Viewer with a simple steps. A quick Guide and Step for the beginners plus screenshots make it more easier to understand and to follow! (i loved screenshots ^^,)

Okay, if you are a skip reader then you can jump right away on the steps to fix the problem ! ASAP principle should i say. Honestly, i sometimes go to the direct procedure/steps and get the data i needed. And it makes me feel better and also if i solved the problem without reading some boring introduction etc. i feel more relieved.*Smiles* However, if the problem got worst then that's the time i have to read word-by-word. Sounds tiring but it works well. *hands crossed*

But for some who are really curious about the topic well, they really read line by line. And thats cool right? :)

What is Windows Photo Viewer?
hmmm..do i need to explain it? the words itself can tell! Haha. Seems Obvious but for the seek of information ill just have to put the data here. To begin with: If you are a windows user, then i am sure you are familiar with this application. Windows Photo Viewer is the default image viewer and is developed by Microsoft Corp.

Technically, Windows Photo Viewer is an image viewer in Windows 7 and it is included in Windows Seven(Win7) Operating System(OS). 

It is formerly called:
  • In Windows Vista - Windows Photo Gallery (Reinstated in Windows 7)
  • In Windows XP , it is called Windows Fax and Picture Viewer 
Windows Photo Viewer can show images, changes the size(zooms),rotates to 90°, email it, burn to CD/DVD and print it directly. Windows Photo Viewer supports images in BMP, JPEG, JPEG XR (formerly HD Photo), PNG, ICO and TIFF file formats.

The graphical user interface(GUI) has a buttons to rotate counterclockwise and clockwise (you can press the keys on your keyboard: shortcuts ctrl +, and ctrl +. respectively). Clicking these buttons overwrites the image file without warning and without an option to "undo" the action. On some systems, scroll bars are not visible at all or, if a zoom operation is performed (e.g., using a mouse wheel), no subsequent scroll down or up is 
possible. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Photo_Viewer

Yellow Color Background Issue
As i finished installing the updates in my OS, when i opened an image i noticed and saw something strange. It has a Yellow Tinted Color! Thinking that was a mere problem in my sight but guess its a No! In fact, i have a big and clear brown eyes. Opps(i did mention my eyes anyways hehe)

When viewing an image some LCD Monitors have a strange color problem that it will display yellowish in photo background.

Below the image of tinted yellow background
How to Fix the Yellow Tinted Color in Windows Photo Viewer?
When i started to believe that it was a bug/problem in my OS, i began to search for the solution and yes! I got numbers of answer and i want to share it too :)

Well, here it is!

Heres the Steps!
1. Open your Control Panel
2. In your Control Panel, Type Color and it will interactively changed.
3. Click Color Management so that it will display the color settings
4. Check the Use My Settings for this Device to enable the Add.. Button
5. Click the Add Button to display ICC Profiles
6. In your Color profile, scroll down and look for the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and hit OK!
7. Then click Set as Default Profile and it is now fix! Just wait in a matter of minutes in order to remove yellow tinted and be replaced by default color: white. Or you can Reboot/Restart your PC/Netbook/Laptop :)

Tip: You can click the image here or open it in a new tab for clearer image quality

It works!

What is the cause/reason in turning the background to yellow tinted color?
The problem most likely to occur when Windows Update installs incompatible Monitor Driver into your PC/Netbook/Laptop. To be sure, you need to check your correct ICC profile in your Color Management Setting.

What if i dont have sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile?
If in case you dont have sRGB IEC61966-2.1 in your system,you can freely download it from Adobe.

Download then install it!

Alternative Photo Management: Google Picasa

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