24 August 2011

TwoDollarClick: Is it Real, Trusted or Scam?

Is your clicks worth in TwoDollarClick.com? Do you find it a bit confuse on $2/click in ads? Is this a SCAM or Real? Maybe you will get confuse with the question however if you learn some facts about Twodollarclick, probably you will not engage it. 

Brief Analysis: TwoDollarClick is a SCAM! Yes, doing some research makes me conclude that it is really a SCAM SITE!

Updated: September 24, 2013

TwoDollarClick.com: Trusted or Scam?

Why am i Interested with TwoDollarClick in Reviewing it?
First of all, i really dont know about this site and i am not interested neither until my madams asking me to investigate if it is really a legitimate and trusted site. And so i begin to use my magnifier glass opps...(just google though) Wow! This might be the first word you will utter if you will see it in your two innocent eyes.Who would ignore with this attractive information? I guess most it will attract you. But for the expert and professional in PTC, they just give a fake smile. Then i told my Maam that site is a FAKE and SCAM! Sorry $1000 cash-out.tsk tsk.

Is it Worth to Earn $2 per click ads?
Yes, $2 per clicking ads! When you will visit their website: http://www.twodollarclick.com you will see Get Paid $2.00 per click. That would mean if i register to the site then i will become the Richest Man in the World Wide Scam World haha. Just imagine this scenario: If it has 20 Ads per day then i will get $40/day, multiply it to,lets say,30days then it will become $1200/month and then convert to Philippine Peso then it would result to Php 50,400(minus referrals: It will multiply exponentially)Wow Instant Millionaire huh? $_$. If its true then i would shake hands with Mark Zuckerberg and i will tell him that clicking ads is way better than making a Social Website. *Laugh* By the way, i had a hard time in computing this value (maybe because im a lazy with computations hehe, honestly, i write these with a sleepy mode) for that reason, i used Calc app.
What is TwoDollarClick.com?

TwoDollarClick is a PTC free site which pays about $2 per click ads and has a 10-20% referral commission, $1,000 cashout minimum in PayPal or Alert Pay(now Payoneer). Sorry not to mention -- its a SCAM, fake, and fraud! :P

Reasons why TwoDollarClick flags a Scam, Fake, & Fraud

1. Registration - TwoDollarClick is Free, no question about it. But since it deals with Money, i think and believe that Security is the number 1 priority and it is important feature in all websites. Without a doubt, you will see it has no Captcha or Word Verification Program/Security Question/activation code that will enable and protect users from hackers/losing password/verification/ etc.

When you click Create Account then you are officially registered and may now click ads, sounds easy but strange.

2. Owner of the Website TwoDollarClick- The data shows it has [email protected] as a register owner if you will google it with this email. You will find that it owns also with Neodollar and tendollarclick. Both are scams!

3. TwoDollarClick Has Fake Certificates - Site claims they are BBB accredited. Its a fake!

4. TwoDollarClick: No Forum for Discussion - Every PTC must have forum. This is where the members talk about the website. Users give feedbacks about the program. It is also a best way to prove if it has a legitimate proof of payment since the members can freely post it. TwoDollarClick dont have this.

5. Cash Out Failure of TwoDollarClick - When reaching to $1000, you can cash it out into your paypal or alertpay but when you apply for it. They seem have no interaction with it. And it seems they just ignored your application

6. Earnings based on estimated values of TwoDollarClick- seems confusing...they said $2? It only means one thing, they will not pay you.

A Piece of Advice: Summary(Final Words)

TwoDollarClick: Trusted or Scam? Untrusted, fake, fraud, and Scam!
Definitely, I would not recommend TwoDollarClick for you and i believe you know the reasons. I and many reviewers flag it as a SCAM. 

If you don't listen to me then use it as your own risks... TwoDollarClick has gotten famous because of its fake promises.

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