04 August 2011

Tips and Troubleshoot SmartBro USB Modem

Tips and Troubleshoot SmartBro USB Modem
Based on my Keen Observations and number of Experiences
Learn how to solve fundamental errors in your smartbro modem.Tips and techniques on how to use/troubleshoot actually your smartbro usb modem kit. I guess some of you(IT, Hacker,Techie, Hobbies) know these stuffs but i just want to share it.

If you are first-timer in using smartbro, there's a particular time that it will occur some unusual errors that  can generally be seen. Of course, you don't want it in the first place. And because of some unusual-errors, you will tend to consult it to the smart service personnel. But this way might be better for the last option. Read more why.

Contact to SmartBro Personnel - Last Option especially you are just using a Trick Free Internet
Okay, this option be helpful in the last. But if you are just using skills here. I guess you might not want to consult. And maybe, smart will accuse you of using a method. 

Personally, if they don't want a hack/trick for internet service. They must code/make their system off with these kinds of stuff.

Do-it-by-Yourself First
First, you may want to try to-do-to-yourself troubleshoot. Even if you are not an IT or Techie type, I guess, if you are just willing to fix it for yourself then its good. But try to accept what will happen then. Im sure you will learn something in that troubleshooting.

Search it to Search Engines
Google IT! This phrase I mostly express when somebody wants a help from me. Yes, search your problem to your favorite search engines. ASK, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc. But most of the people including myself prefer to use Google. 

Tip: Copy Paste your Errors or Type your general problem and search engine will give you millions of answers. But solutions found on the first page is relevant.

Okay,  I will share information about these troubleshoots and tips. Take note this is only my keen observation and analyses.


If you see letter C in your SmartBro Dashboard(see below), it means you have ZERO Load Balance


ERROR - I cant connect, and it will display
A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for that context was closed. For further assistance, click More Info or search Help and Support Center for this error number.
ERROR - I cant connect, and it will display
Possible Reasons:
1. You don't have enough load to connect
2. Smart Service is busy, or its system is updating.

1. Load or share your SmartBro Modem sim.
2. Keep on clicking connect until it successfully connects! I usually do these stuff, of course, I did share a load before I clicked it :)

I see NO SERVICE in my smartbro dashboard.

smartbro dashboard.

Possible Causes/Answers:
1. It is still read by your laptop/netbook/PC. Just wait until it fully displays signal bars.
2. Your smartbro is unplugged. Plug it and run the application again.

How to Increase Signal Bar Intensity?
1. Try to unplugged and plug again your SmartBro. It will restart reading/fetching data to its modem drivers.
2. Try to use Manual Select Network. Scans and detects signal.
3. Buy extension USB Wire (female-female plug). With this, you can put your Modem at to its highest height usually near the roof or outside your window.

Signal Bar Intensity



New Model: VPN not Displayed
A new Model cannot be seen in VPN connection settings in Chrome Browser. The Smart Profile Config Filename usually be in the Proxy Settings in Chrome - a VPN environment. Once you are connecting to your smart dashboard, it is precisely the name it will be shown in connection proxy settings. But new models like e153 and the like could not be displayed in the VPN.

How and Where do I put the Proxy Address and Proxy Port with my new Model?
First go to your address bar(chrome) and type chrome://settings/advanced or goto Wrench Menu icon -> Options -> click Under the Hood Tab -> click Proxy Settings.


Click the LAN SETTINGS and put:
Proxy Address:  (means localhost or your PC Local Ip Address)
Port: 9666 (usurf) - 8118 (Tor Browser)

Thanks to Juneil :)

Try to see if your network settings config file is set correctly.
Try to see if your network settings config file is set correctly.

Additional Tips:
You might noticed while browsing at 11noon-2pm, your browsing speed will increase in 15mins then it will disconnect and reconnecting to it means an annoying to you because it cannot connect. Well, smart eats your load. Sharing it your weight means nothing because it will repeat the process. 

Tip: When you shared to your smart buddy sim, try to browse without using usurf,tor,vpn,etc. just a regular browsing, if you can browse and visit of one of the websites let us say: google.com, then it might not right to continue it within 15minutes. Just wait until it will display, smart notification saying theres no enough load. :) you can now use the proxy tools :P

Tip: Load 15 pesos to your SmartBro Sim, then share it to your smart buddy with 2,5,10. But I personally advised sharing just 2 pesos.

How to share-a-load?

send to 808

094949494949 2
send to 808

General Terms
Signal Bar -  Shows network signal intensity, 5 stages from none  to strong 
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