13 August 2011

Sing a Song with PC Karaoke Players

Sing a Song with PC Karaoke/VideoKe Player
Fond of singing your favorite karaoke songs in your DVD players and you want to experience also in Desktop PC, Laptop and Netbook? Well, theres a Karaoke Player for PC!
Are you ready to sing?  Learn More here..

I guess these might be the best players i have seen and experienced.

1. KaraFun (Online Karaoke / Karaoke Player for PC)

You can also sing online with this site and you can also download player for Free!

Free Karaoke Player with Video
The cool thing about this software is that has NICE GUI (Winamp look).

Play KAR, KOK, LRC, LRC Enhanced files
New KFN format: compressed, full featured, adjustable
Play CDG + MP3 files
Play MP3, OGG and MID music files
Play video files: AVI, Mpeg...
CDG + MP3 transparency with KFP as background

Training mode for easy reading  
Per block or progressive lyrics highlighting  
Sync Bubbles Mode  
MIDI channel automatic detection of the guide melody
Microphone management  
In window or fullscreen display
Secondary monitor output (TV, projector...)
Additionnal tracks: guide melody, guide vocal  

Audio/MIDI Key Control  
Audio/MIDI Tempo Control  
Voice recording  
Vocal reducer for MP3 files  
Echo effect on additionnal Audio/MIDI tracks  
Automatic Guide Cancel  

Full playlist management (KPL, M3U)
Information page display before starting the karaoke  
KFP karaoke presets improving KAR, KOK, LRC and CDG display
Save and restore all play parameters (pitch, tempo, guide...) for each karaoke played
KFN and CDG to AVI video file export
Public use allowed (KaraFun free is for home use only)

Direct 3D engine (requires DirectX 9 or better)
Available in English, French, Italian, Danish, German, Spanish (Americanized), Swedish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch, Croatian, Polish, Russian...
Full Unicode application
No ads, no nags, no banners, no spyware and virus free certified

Old but It Works well. It consumes low ram memory and processor than KaraFun(since karafun uses interactive graphics than Gosing)
Last Update: Year 2004
Supports: MIDI, KAR files

If you want a scoring system in your karaoke, you can try Microke

Since you have a player now, then the problem now is where do you get a song.

How to Get Kar File(.kar) ?
You can download it in GoSing's website...it has new and old songs there.
Alternative download: Just search your favorite artist and title song then you can get it! 

Sample Keyword to search in Google: 
<title song><extension>

You Are What You Are .kar download

just be friendly to google, use nice keyword to search for it. Enjoy! :)

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