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ShieldVPN 8in1 Globe Tattoo SmartBro

ShieldVPN 8in1 Globe Tattoo SmartBro A Quick Guide for Beginners

ShieldVPN 8in1 Globe Tattoo SmartBro
A Quick Guide for Beginners
Learn how to acquire Free Internet using some tricks in Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro Usb Modem. A Quick Guides and Steps for Beginners.

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Want a fast server?
Use ESS(Expat Shield Server ) as of september 30 2011
Important: If it is still slow, use alternative ports and servers instead. :)

Globe Magic IP is back! [ Monster Proxy IP ]
October 1 2011 added 3 proxies for faster browse with VPN
Added Proxies: OCT 01 2011

Not working in my location..slow and unstable 30 2011)
Updated: September 28 2011 Monster ProxyIP

ShieldVPN is an user-friendly application that uses multi-VPN merge into ONE useful software. It is made by Script_kiddie Team Patotoy(RIP RP). 
It is primarily for those who are beginners like me opps ^^, and dont need some complex configuration just to set and make it work(or maybe worse -_- ). (Seriously, it is very frustrating to  follow some complex steps, honestly, i get bored while reading some steps. it is awkward since i do
comprehensive steps here *smiles* )
Credits to them for making this compilation of VPN.

Minimum  Requirements (and obvious):
  • USB Modem(Globe Tattoo - no load required / Smart Bro - Use Smart Buddy Sim (1-9pesos extra load)
  • Secret Weapon for Success - Common Sense :) Keen Observation is a key! Patient is a virtue! aw
  • Operating System (winXP,Vista,win7) if you use linux, then you may have a big problem =P
  • Laptop/Netbook/PC works both 64bit/32bit(x86)

Main VPN provider contents
Advantage: no username and password required
Disadvantage: Has an annoying ads

Popup ads? Dont Worry AdBlock is here!

use Adblock to prevent Ads for better browsing (a friendly reminder from  89dufpoqidjv )

Install Scripts
For chrome
For Firefox
For Opera
For Internet Explorer version IE7, IE8 and IE9
For Safari

  • HSS(Hot Spot Shield) - 7 Servers
  • ExpatShield - 13 Servers
Alternative VPN
  • ProXPN
  • Arethusa
  • RaptorVPN
  • RealVPN
  • XtreamVPN
  • SoftPhonVPN
With TCP and UDP Ports support

Great Features:
  • Taphss/Tap0901 auto-detection (auto-detect 32/64-bit, no external bat files)
Inorder to connect and browse freely, you need this driver.

How to view the driver?
Go to your Device Manager(drivers information)
Win7Settings(im using win7 now though it has same setting in xp, you can always find it easy)
in My Computer -> Right Click and choose Properties
then check if it has no error in network adapters

If you see a yellow question mark
or invalid then you need to reinstall it (perhaps it might mean like this REINSTALL = Uninstall + Install) LOL anyways..
  • Pinger
Constant communication in VPN addres to DNS servers. Keep Alive means Fast Internet and Stable connection. So keep alive!

  • Statistics - shows download and upload rate in kb/s why? i have in my dashboard. hehe..but it works well :)
  • Auto save settings. - Every time you connect and select your current configuration it will automatically be saved including username & password.(Each account is stored separately)
  • Huawei Unlocker - unlocks your huawei modem just type your IMEI number then put the pin code! :)
  • Auto-update (or manual via Support tab)

Heres the quick steps:
1. First download this software: Click here to download: ShieldVPN 8in1
Prior to run successfully of this shieldVPN app, be sure you have installed .net framework 3.5 library

if you are not yet installed libraries
Download .NET Framework 3.5
before installing it you need to install framework 2 first

Download .NET Framework 2.0

2. Once finished installing these libraries  -> run the ShieldVPN
3. Done! Just choose what ISP(globe/smart) you are using
Click the Toolbar (G) for GLOBE and (S) for smart auto configuration
Note by Script_kiddie:
Recommended port is automatically selected when changing server, protocol and network. 
But some say using an specific port makes their connection faster and also fix some connection problem(can't browse). You can manually select a port to connect to but there are no guarantees that it will always work.

Troubleshoot ShieldVPN (faqs)
Read FAQs: Troubleshoot ShieldVPN here
Connect it then you are done! :)
Enjoy! :)

For further credits and sources: 


  1. mas mabilis po ba ito sa ultrasurf?

  2. mag depende sa location /signal mu..pero if same location at signal lng talaga...mas MABILIS talaga si ultrasurf...pangalan palang..alam mo na :)

  3. hanggang kelan tatagal ang server nayan???
    or may posibility ba na mag cloclose srver din kayo mean to say na di na gagana ung program na to. ?

  4. depende lahat yan sa mga factors: Server,Owner,Host,Service,at Budget sa website.
    Just like most websites, may chance talaga mag close yan... (even friendster nag shutdown but balik ulit) pero goodnews, ang gumawa sa program na iyan ay updated at ginagawa lahat nang effort nila para sa lahat :) at may mga bagong Servers: fast at free =)

  5. connection time out lagi ako sa smart...

  6. working pani master mabz?

  7. naka connect ako sa smart bro tcp port:5000

    uu working 100% yan :()

  8. bakit ganun pag click sa update nawawala ung patch? paki ayos admin tnx

  9. wag mo na e update..ganyan din nagyari sakin ehh...medyo may problema sa server nya..enx

  10. try ko to mea.. hehehe suki ako ni admin.

  11. bakit po sakin nakalagay pag ka click ko ng Vshield, this program requires TAP HSS Driver.tapos pag ok ko... nakalagay naman (unhandled exception has occured in your application. blah blah..) pano kaya 2 admin? hmm



  13. (unhandled exception has occured in your application.) ... try install mo yung driverHSS sa folder nyan..

    yeps..working talaga yan... i think may problema sa smart, pero sa globe ang bilis hehe..

    for troubleshoot and some FAQS
    thanks for droppin by :P

  14. sir pwede ba yan sa mac?

  15. di pwede sa mac to..kasi need eto nlng microsoft iba ang OS nang MAc(mga hayup na pangalan :D)

  16. sir 64 string error pag mag update po hhuuh

  17. pano po admin pg connect nito sa smart?

  18. wag muna magh gamit nalng smart baka ma blocked sim mo if vpn ka.. ;)

  19. connected napo yun shield pro d mka connect sa site, ano po ang problema? help pls...

  20. if connected yun shieldvpn tapos may display na Cant Connect...palitan mu nalang yung server..

    other way 1: dapat walang proxy.. pwede rin automatic detect proxy settings lng.. :)

    Other way 2: Reconnect ka lang :) hope it helps you.

  21. Sir Ask ko lng po.. Hindi po ito gumagana sa mga online games? Specifically Perfecr World of Lvl up co.??? Globe tatoo po ako... Salamat po

  22. magtanung lang po,bakit hindi mabuksan yung 8in1shieldVPN sa window 7 ko mag "application not found" lang,tapus nag download ng ako net framework bakit po mag "setup erro

  23. help naman po,desktop po yung gamit ko...hindi ko mabuksan yun 8in1shieldVPN mag "application not found" lang po,window 7 po yun gamit ko...nag download na po ako ng net framework 3.5,bakit po mag setup error pls..salamat!!!

  24. Gumagana po eto sa mga online games... mas mabilis din.

    baka walang na install na HSS driver. Install ka muna nang driver... dapat run as admin rin. pwede ka rin bibisita dito:

  25. hi admin, ask ko lan po bakit d ma install sa win xp yun shield... my limalabas po na error... advise pls...

  26. admin upgrade mu yun shield na pwede na sa suncell... myron kc na lugar na mas malakas yun suncell...tnx

  27. RE:Online Games
    Sir, pag inopen ko po kasi xa sa patcher.. Server failed to connect po.. Hindi po xa makaconnect? Nagagamit ko nmn po xa sa net,download,upload, dun lng po tlga.. Bka may something pa pong kulang?
    Salamat po

  28. if may lumabas na error sa XP... try download yung framework...

    i think working etong shieldvpn sa SUN..pero need pa ako evidence. :)

    sa online games naman... try use ibang servers like ExpatShield... kasi may mga vpn na di talaga makapasok.. hmm

  29. nagana po ba ito? ... kasi nagdownload po ako ng openvpn portable gumana ng mga 3 months.. tas ngaun lang po siya nag eerror at nagrereset yung connection.. nagdownload din po ako ng shieldvpn 2 in 1 pero ayaw tlga magkonek.. e2 po bang vpn na to nagana?

  30. gumagana parin yan... sa totoo lng, etong comment na eto ngayon ay gamit ko eyan..

    for may latest:

  31. ask lang po bkit sa akin pag connected na sya mag blue screen pc ko .tulong nman.tnx

  32. bkit pag e open ko ang hotspotshield ko bina block ng firewall?

  33. bluescreen of death(BSod) e experience mu yan kapag may conflict sa Hardware mu.. example: di na kaya sa RAM mu.. depende sa bluescreen message nya...send mu yung bluescreen message..

    regarding sa mga firewalls, magdepende sa antivirus mu yan..dapat set mu allow yun hotspotshield...


  34. tanung lang po..bakit po hindi maka connect 11in1sheildVPN ko sa internet?..tulong pls...

  35. mag "retrying" lang po..ginamit kona lahat ng server..bakit po hindi mka coonect retrying lang?..meron na po ako ng 8in1shieldVPN pati 11in1shieldvpn..globe tattoo po yung gamit ko???.pls help...

  36. dapat
    dial: *99#
    authentication protocol settings: pap

    try EXPAT..server 20.. :)

  37. ask lang po bkit hindi sya mka upload ng picture sa facebook?2long nman.tnx

  38. anong server mo? sa Expatshield..maka upload/download naman ako ;)

  39. tanung lang po admin..bakit po kung mag update ako ng 11in1shieldVPn magsabi "the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"ano po ibig sabihin niya?..window 7 ultimate po yung gamit ko..

  40. close mo muna yung shieldVPN mo tapos run uli yun version 5 mo...ok na yan..check updates.. :))

  41. boss... alin po ba mas mabilis... shield vpn o kebrum vpn? nirecommend kasi sakin ng ka-fb ko ang kebrum... im using shield now kaya lang antagal magbuffer sa youtube... cud u recommend sumthing? plis po... : )<

  42. akin naman..mas mabilis ang kebrum kaysa shield.. ..,

    if wala kapang kebrum
    browse here

  43. maraming salamat po..!!!

  44. e share ko lang po,nka connect na po ako sa bago modem sa smart pati sa suncellular ang bilis!!! mga hindi maka connect sa online game,gumamit lang kayo "turbo internet" or "tcp optimizer internet" dapat smart or suncell yung gamit niyu...thnx U....

  45. salamat sa tulong mo... mayroon din akong speed internet kagaya nang binigay mo sakin..salamat sa pag share :)

  46. ahm admin pkihelp nmn po ahm bkt d pwede maglaro ng browser game like godswar sa facebook sa ultra surf???anu gagawin ko???gusto ko sna mkalaro

  47. block kasi yun mga proxies like ultrasurf mostly sa mga games. Anonymous IP kasi ang ultrasurf so mahirap talaga... if gustong gusto mu maglaro.. gamit ka nalang nang VPN.

  48. gamit ka nitong shieldVPN sa itaas

  49. ahm admin dko ksi maintindhan pki clear nmn oh anu 1st step plsssss

  50. Hi,, gusto mo ba ng libreng internet gamit ang smartbro mo using VPN??

    visit us in our website... we'd like to see you all... open for all filipino toh..

    you could find cool stuff and discussions for pc and mobiles as well...

    see you soon :)

  51. 1st mo
    2nd..install HSS driver
    3rd..if successful run yung shieldvpn goto step 5
    step 4: install framework 3.5
    step 5: happy browsing. :P

  52. sir bkit po fatal error ang lmlbs pg nagko2nek me?windows vista gmit ko and globe po

  53. install muna yung driver nyan...usually makikita yung addtap32


    run as admin mo yung shieldvpn.exe

    ok na yan..

  54. sir i've been using this VPN for about 2-3months..steady nman xa at walang problema ... pero ngyun araw nato endi ako mka connect... Error:retrying to connect lagi.. na try ko na lahat ng mga Ports.. always ako sa HSS nka connect dati.. pero ngyun d na mka connect.. (1080/3128/8080/9200) yan lagi ko gamit.. last connect ko was 11/11/11 00:30 midnight ng nag logout ako ... :((

  55. sir wats the problem kng fatal error ang lmlbs?windows vsta ang gmit ko po wid globe..nvr p ako nakakonek my netframe nmn p ako..pls help po

  56. as of yesterday, di na gumagana lahat nang VPN..tsk.

  57. ano po problema bakit d mka connect? help pls...

  58. d mka connect.. admin hope you find solution on this...tnx

  59. admin d ko po ma gets yun solution... panu po yun? tnx

  60. bakit ayaw gumana sa SmartBro kahit sinunod ko yung instructions? UDP tapos naka S yung taas and naka ShieldVPN...ayos na din yung network setting sa smartbro..

  61. ok upload ko muna yung working file...send me email address nalng..

    if smartbro..wag muna gumamit nang VPN...use ultrasurf muna

  62. thanks admin w8 ko po working file... here's my email [email protected]

  63. thanks admin sa working file... hope marami ka pang matulungan... thanks again!

  64. sir pede ba ung sun broadband, tnx god bless

  65. uu pwde yan....not im not sure today if it is running perfectly... 0.o di pakasi na test ko d2 eh..

  66. sir san server ng pilipinas sa shieldvpn d kc aq mkalaro ng ibang online games eh

  67. Sir d parin aq maka connect. patulong naman po sa free browsing. nasubukan ko na po lahat, usurf, raptor and shield. d parin aq makaconect. Im doing sumthng wromg cguro kasu i cant figgure it out. new plang kc aq sa broadband ^_^

  68. use sun coconnect kan tiyaga nga lang

  69. hehehehe.... dito sa akin hindi vpn 9months ko na gmit 100% working... hndi katulad ng vpn dami proseso.... txt me ituturo ko sa inyo kng pano... 09465986244

  70. gumagana pa ba to ? kase pag click ko ng download, lalabas yung add then folowed by mediafire, tas nakalagay "Oops! An unexpected error (369) has occurred." ? bat ganun ??

  71. Thanks for sharing us such an important topics with us. Keep it up so we can hope to get more blog with important information.

    Best VPN Provider

    1. ayaw po mag conect.. lagi pong lumalabas ayy fatal error :'( reply please....

  72. working paba ito? wala bang update nito..?

  73. FINALIZING............. FATAL ERROR. been switching all servers install drivers still can not connect any idea from all the bloggers and the ADMIN?

  74. I prefer to use Hotspot Shield free vpn as it respects the online internet privacy and freedom of its users. Also it does not track your web endeavors. I think it's best for me & you to unblock sites and for 100% online privacy.

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Mabzicle: ShieldVPN 8in1 Globe Tattoo SmartBro
ShieldVPN 8in1 Globe Tattoo SmartBro
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