21 August 2011

ShieldVPN 8in1 Globe Tattoo SmartBro

ShieldVPN 8in1 Globe Tattoo SmartBro
A Quick Guide for Beginners
Learn how to acquire Free Internet using some tricks in Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro Usb Modem. A Quick Guides and Steps for Beginners.

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Want a fast server?
Use ESS(Expat Shield Server ) as of september 30 2011
Important: If it is still slow, use alternative ports and servers instead. :)

Globe Magic IP is back! [ Monster Proxy IP ]
October 1 2011 added 3 proxies for faster browse with VPN
Added Proxies: OCT 01 2011

Not working in my location..slow and unstable 30 2011)
Updated: September 28 2011 Monster ProxyIP

ShieldVPN is an user-friendly application that uses multi-VPN merge into ONE useful software. It is made by Script_kiddie Team Patotoy(RIP RP). 
It is primarily for those who are beginners like me opps ^^, and dont need some complex configuration just to set and make it work(or maybe worse -_- ). (Seriously, it is very frustrating to  follow some complex steps, honestly, i get bored while reading some steps. it is awkward since i do
comprehensive steps here *smiles* )
Credits to them for making this compilation of VPN.

Minimum  Requirements (and obvious):
  • USB Modem(Globe Tattoo - no load required / Smart Bro - Use Smart Buddy Sim (1-9pesos extra load)
  • Secret Weapon for Success - Common Sense :) Keen Observation is a key! Patient is a virtue! aw
  • Operating System (winXP,Vista,win7) if you use linux, then you may have a big problem =P
  • Laptop/Netbook/PC works both 64bit/32bit(x86)

Main VPN provider contents
Advantage: no username and password required
Disadvantage: Has an annoying ads

Popup ads? Dont Worry AdBlock is here!

use Adblock to prevent Ads for better browsing (a friendly reminder from  89dufpoqidjv )

Install Scripts
For chrome
For Firefox
For Opera
For Internet Explorer version IE7, IE8 and IE9
For Safari

  • HSS(Hot Spot Shield) - 7 Servers
  • ExpatShield - 13 Servers
Alternative VPN
  • ProXPN
  • Arethusa
  • RaptorVPN
  • RealVPN
  • XtreamVPN
  • SoftPhonVPN
With TCP and UDP Ports support

Great Features:
  • Taphss/Tap0901 auto-detection (auto-detect 32/64-bit, no external bat files)
Inorder to connect and browse freely, you need this driver.

How to view the driver?
Go to your Device Manager(drivers information)
Win7Settings(im using win7 now though it has same setting in xp, you can always find it easy)
in My Computer -> Right Click and choose Properties
then check if it has no error in network adapters

If you see a yellow question mark
or invalid then you need to reinstall it (perhaps it might mean like this REINSTALL = Uninstall + Install) LOL anyways..
  • Pinger
Constant communication in VPN addres to DNS servers. Keep Alive means Fast Internet and Stable connection. So keep alive!

  • Statistics - shows download and upload rate in kb/s why? i have in my dashboard. hehe..but it works well :)
  • Auto save settings. - Every time you connect and select your current configuration it will automatically be saved including username & password.(Each account is stored separately)
  • Huawei Unlocker - unlocks your huawei modem just type your IMEI number then put the pin code! :)
  • Auto-update (or manual via Support tab)

Heres the quick steps:
1. First download this software: Click here to download: ShieldVPN 8in1
Prior to run successfully of this shieldVPN app, be sure you have installed .net framework 3.5 library

if you are not yet installed libraries
Download .NET Framework 3.5
before installing it you need to install framework 2 first

Download .NET Framework 2.0

2. Once finished installing these libraries  -> run the ShieldVPN
3. Done! Just choose what ISP(globe/smart) you are using
Click the Toolbar (G) for GLOBE and (S) for smart auto configuration
Note by Script_kiddie:
Recommended port is automatically selected when changing server, protocol and network. 
But some say using an specific port makes their connection faster and also fix some connection problem(can't browse). You can manually select a port to connect to but there are no guarantees that it will always work.

Troubleshoot ShieldVPN (faqs)
Read FAQs: Troubleshoot ShieldVPN here
Connect it then you are done! :)
Enjoy! :)

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