26 August 2011

Mobile Default Browser Download Globe

Mobile Default Browser Download Globe
Nokia/Samsung/Erickson/BlackBerry/Iphone/Cherry Mobile/China Phone
Learn how to download files (Jar) in your mobile using myGlobe Connect Free Internet Trick in your Default Browser. Yes, you can download it freely no need to use OM Modded to install and download it. With that default browser in your phone it will does better.

Reason to Search
Just recently, i have a friend(particularly a workmate actually have a problem with her phone) who wants to access Yahoo! in her Samsung Champ(by the way, champ users have a problem accessing in Yahoo! Sites)

You can access Yahoo! Sites to your Samsung Champ
But Champ Users cant connect to Yahoo Sites and it says the device is not supported yet. I Believed that yahoo team did their best to correct the problem and it seems that they will actually update it late.With that problem in mind i did research for her and i find some interesting information.

A Solution
Yes, i have found information on how to access yahoo messegner and yahoomail. But heres my friend also suggest me something on how to download latest om modded version. I am thankful that he shared it to me. Thanks to Wilzen. Probably, some of you know this technique. But i am glad to share it anyways.

Mobile Default Browser Download Globe
1. You need high end model cellphone
2. Globe Tattoo Sim(or any Globe New Sims)

Steps to download:
1. Just set your profile into myGLOBE CONNECT
2. Since myGlobe Connect has a preconfiguration theres no need to config
3. Okay, be sure you know and memorize the link to be downloaded.
4. Granting you know the link(tip: you may write it in a paper)
5. Go to your default browser
6. Access HomePage: You may notice it is http://www.globe.com.ph/globe.asp
7. Yes, you can add or append some information there
8. heres the interesting part: In the last link http://www.globe.com.ph/globe.asp add @<link of the file>
i.e http://www.globe.com.ph/[email protected]/download/om.jar
You are Successful! You can download with these steps! :)

Today, 09/05/2011 i updated my file web host that will now capable in downloading jar files into your mobile.
Heres my working files in my heliohost:



Just copy the link and replace the link
http://www.globe.com.ph/[email protected]mabzicle.com/download/om.jar

You can also check my mobile site here: http://mabzicle.wapsite.me/

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