21 August 2011

How to Remove Logon Screen Win7

How to Remove Logon Screen Win7
Get rid off Logon Screen in windows7: A Simple Steps, No Need Expert Required, No Software Used
Tired of entering password in logon screen in windows 7 everytime you will open your PC? Heres a simple steps that works for all user types: Normal, Geeks, Professionals and Hackers.

Just recently, i used windows7 as my New Operating System because im amazed of its features,stability,security and functionality. Okay, i got it from my friend and i had a hard time in installing it. I tried 3 times in reformatting it yes and it turns out that i used broke CD.

Why Use Windows7 as Operating System?

Not to mention, windows 7 adds Megabytes on Video Graphics Memory. Yes! In fact, i have a 1GB video memory and after i installed win7 it becomes 1700MB. An additional of 700MB of the Video Ram. This is good why? because i mostly used photoshop/after effects as my primary tools for designing some posters/videos/ads/logos/etc. Not only on those adobe products (seriously it consumes a lot of graphics) but also it works better in games. 

Game Specifications

My specification of my pc is mainly for gaming! So this is a way good for me however there is a slight problem here. Windows7 creates 8GB in Hard disk! Do you believe? heres my screenshot(i installed PS CS3 /browsers here you can add it up lol)
  • 160GB HDD
  • 1GB Video Ram
  • 2GB RAM Memory
  • 2.7GHz AMD Dual Core Processor

Ok back to our main topic! I didnt search for this because prior to set this removing procedure, i didnt have my internet connection(i just wanted to look it as if i was in my XP days -- two accounts. Then, in my experiment-curiosity-behavior, i just tried to remove the password. When i rebooted my PC wow theres no logon screen displayed though anyways! Enough with some Off-Topic hehe

How to Remove Logon Screen Win7?

Heres a simple steps:

1. go to your Control Panel
2. In your Control Panel -> Choose and click  User Accounts and Family Safety
3.  Now click User Accounts

4. And Finally, remove administrator account by clicking Remove Your Password

5. Restart your PC! Yes it works! By the way, you can tune it up using a software Tune Up Utilities :)


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