27 August 2011

Google Map Bug Humor Issue

Google Map Bug Humor Issue

Google Map Technology is a great application that empowers Map Services! But even with its greatness still theres a bit bug. One of the bugs is the Destination and Origin - Get Direction particularly. Hey! Wait! You will laugh at this bug! :)

With other mysterious post (bug//etc)concerning Google Map in my Previous Post - http://mabzicle.blogspot.com/2011/08/god-sightings-google-maps-8877-quarten.html

Google Map Humor Bug
Ok, try to follow these steps

2. Click the link Get Direction
3. In Row (A)type China (origin)
4. In Row (B)type Taiwan (destination)
5. Then click Get Direction Button

6. See the Results
Heres the result steps
From step 1 to 10

Advancing to steps 37
In Steps 48 you can see the display and maybe you are smiling what you have witnessed. Yes, its true!
steps 48 shows Swim Across Pacific Ocean. Funny isnt it,right?Hehehe.. what was Google Map sayin?

This is a small bug and im sure Google Team fixes this Humor Bug! :)

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