12 August 2011

Google+ Adds Games

Google+ Adds Games
Introduction for Gaming World G+

Google Plus(Google+) announced for introducing the area of gaming world to its social network with 16 games from different 10 gaming industries(Rovio - Angry Birds, Zynga - Poker). 

Google Plus plans to gather game developers to work with its social network away from its rival Facebook with this Promotional Rate Revenue Sharing plan. In the near future, google+ will catch up a bit the toughest rival - Facebook :)

Google Plus adds Game Tab
Much Better if it is on the tab :)
Play Angry Birds in Google Plus!

Click the Game Tab in your Profile
Then you will  ask if you want to access data in your chosen game(with this i choose Angry Birds)

Beat Mark Zukerberg (facebook CEO) and Sergey Brin (Google Co Founder)

Take Note:
Games in Google Plus are SOCIAL. It means all your achievements, scores and levels will be visible to google+ Users


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