21 August 2011

Facebook New Look 2011

Facebook New Look 2011
better or worse?

Facebook constantly updates their website with new added features, reinventing/improving of some elements like chat,comments,post,photos,wall,etc. Just recently when i opened my other private account in fb. I noticed that ive experienced and interacted with a glance in the new facebook. Yes, i know there are many users who there account have been already updated. In this review, all my observation will be in here and i added some screenshots. ScreenShots is Better!

What are the new updates in Facebook Look?

1. News Feed Activity
  • Located above the Chat Sidebar
  • Instead of Recent friends wall updates this will be the replacement
  • Likes/Comments/Add Friends were all listed here.
Personally, i dont like this but in most cases i must adhere to it. Sending comments to facebook administrators are just such a waste of time.Well, at first it really wont work well but as it experience from time to time you and i will get used to it.

There is no Most Recent Tab/ Top News tab.

It will just display in the wall like Recent Stories, recent update in Last Two Hours etc/

2. Floating Navigation Bar

Ive seen this feature in Twitter it is still floats even if you will scroll down. Though in this blogspot has a navbar the only difference is that blogspot navigation bar sticks on the top while twitter floats :)

3. Chat Sidebar
Though it has been a month since i experienced it i just added here. :P
4. Hightlighted icon

I guess it will only show to Most Recent Interaction of both friend's post and likers :)
if you will click the icon, it will open a menu
  • This is a Highlight
  • hide this post
  • hide all by
  • Report post or spam
Another ICON :)

5. Photo New Layout

I have seen this in my friends' photos when they shared an album. Noticing the new layout seems a bit annoying to me. I guess back then i have a mild state of shock 0.0 *laugh*

LAYOUT: One Big, Two Smaller Ones
Feature New Look in Facebook here is only my keen observation that i put it here all  i want is to store it here in my blog :)
Thus, at first it is worse! But as i get used to it, i feel much better now.

Facebook New Look Again: Better or Worse?

*sleepy when writing this* i feel cuteness in my eyes now lol

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