08 August 2011

Facebook Insights: Analyzing Data Trend Tool

Facebook Insights: Analyzing Data Trend Tool 
As a Facebook Fan Page Administrator/Owner or a Facebook Developer, it is very useful to analyze the data trends within the creation of content, user growth and demographics in order to improve better experiences among Page Owners and Members.

Facebook Insights is a tool used to analyze the data trend in application, page and even website. If you want to know analytics on the user experience on facebook then you can use this tool.

Here I used it to this blog as a experiment. But before that,you must put first the Meta Tags first to your websites to gain access insights of it.

Gain access to insights for your website by adding a fb:admins, fb:page_id, or fb:app_id meta tag to your root webpage, linking it to your personal account, a page, or an application.

Choose Your DOMAIN( like http://mabzicle.blogspot.com)

A sample OutPut for my blog

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