27 July 2011

TweetFilter Browser Extension for Twitter

TweetFilter Script adds filter content 

Tired of some tweets that you really dont like? You can hide or show those. TweetFilter can filter those contents that you dont wish to appear on your conversation timelines.

According to their website:

Basic features

  • filter independently all retweets (including classic RT-format), media, replies, Tweets with links from timelines with tweets
  • custom filters for keywords, full-word (exact) match, username, mentions, hashtags, real name, source (via) with live updated match count
  • shortened link expansion
  • highlight Tweets mentioning you
  • customize timeline layout, add via information, new menu options
  • customize dashboard and aspects of the twitter.com layout gaining more space and remove distractions
  • show friend status in Tweets (who you follow, who follows you)
  • sound and message notification on new mentions and/or direct messages
  • ... please see section Options for full list of options.

How to install? (Firefox Users)
1. You need to install GreaseMonkey Addon

then go to userscript click below

For Chrome 10+Opera 11+Safari 5+ and IE 9+.

Just install here: TweetFilter

Sample output with my twitter:

Well you can visit here: http://tweetfilter.org/ for further instruction


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