23 July 2011

Google's Facial Recognition Technology

Google Acquires Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition System is now popular. It is a computer software program that can detect face from image or video frame automatically.
Usually used in big business establishments like malls, banks, and stores.

Google has a Facial Recognition System from a 7 year old company called Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition
(PittPath). PittPatt works on running 3 Images Analysis and pattern recognition.

According to PittPatt's website:
Computer vision technology is already at the core of many existing products" at Google, including Youtube(videos), Image Search, and Picasa.

The spokeman of Google also said that PittPath developed "innovative technology" in the area of computer vision.

But in terms of facial recognition, the spokesman told that they wont add facial recognition to their apps feature unless they have privacy protection.

Additionally, Google Goggles has a built facial recognition technology  for smartphones but it is decided to stop the feature.

Recently, Google launched Google+, a social network. On the other hand, Facebook has face recognition technology that can detect and identify people in photos but it concerns about privacy.

However, Facebook said we can disable the feature in our privacy settings if we dont want to be in the name suggest for tagging photos.

Now, they acquire the technology and they didn’t say what it plans to do with it.

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