26 July 2011

Google Chrome Speech-to-Text

Blog, comment, and write by speaking through computer
Make easy to write in your blog, comment in the forum and social network sites, and write email by just speaking it instead. It allows speech in textareas for google chrome only. (speech-to-text).

In March 23 2011, Google released public of their  Web API for decoding speech into text.
The new API from google is not documented and has probably been in existence since early 2009 when they opened up more of Google Voice and made know their use of transcription for voice mail.

The new Speech-to-text API  is featured on CNET.

Today in userscript and other blog/news, i was intrigue in this script that can allow speech to input textareas.
Sad to say, i wasnt able to test to myself because i realized im using broken headset/microphone but i would like to believe in other news and other blogs that this is really working.

Some Screenshot of the LOOKS from Facebook:
Since i have a broken microphone/headset :)

Yes, it is very useful but i get annoyed in my wall(facebook) so many icons hehe :)
You can still disable or remove this

Wrench Menu Icon - > Tools-> Extensions

Speaker Textareas -a script that Allow speech input in any textarea (Google Chrome)., programmer Josh Mandel said that he created it with broken arm, just in case you will criticize its code.

Install it to your chrome: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/108011

Works only for Google Chrome!


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