04 July 2011

Globe Tattoo Magic IP Facebook Chat and Login Issues

Globe Tattoo Magic IP Facebook Chat and Login Issues

Since the MAGIC GLOBAL USED is 10.200.X.X (particularly: port 80, it cant login to SECURE CONNECTION (https | Port: 443) therefore this technique/tweak was use and it was found out by techies out there. And i want to share it also. :)

STEP 1: Go to www.facebook.com or http://facebook.com

STEP 2: Save that homepage into a html (.html or .htm)
You can save it in any filename here..i saved it login.htm

STEP 3: Open that saved file (login.htm) to any TEXT EDITOR program...here i used NOTEPAD.

STEP 4: Look for the HTTPS://www.facebook.com/login.php or simply hit CTRL + F , then type https...
the highlighted text will be seen..and then change https into http .

STEP 5: Open that file ..and it will automatically open in your browser...you may also drag it to your browser..

use your username and password.

100% WORKING.. you can now login and chat..ENJOY!

You may download the final html : facebook chat and login htm

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