21 July 2011

G.CO URL Shortener for Google Services

Google's http://g.co URL Shortening for google services

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, is the organization that manages web site names.  The system is called Domain Name Service(DNS), and it creates a tree system. At the top of the DNS hierarchy of names are three groups, collectively known as Top Level Domains, or TLD.

Top Level Domains:
Most Commonly Used - .com, .edu, .org

Country code TLD
.co, .ph, .au, .uk,.jp (etc)

Columbia(.co) started sold its URL rights to a company called .CO Internet S.A.S., a speculation venture.  This allowed other companies outside of Columbia to buy domain names, with relative ease, and shorten domain names in the process.

So google buy "g.co" to shorten their web services and products. But only google must use this g.co.
However, you can use also their other URL shortening http://goo.gl/

The Shorter the URL, it is easier to share and remember.

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