18 July 2011

Facebook New Chat: A Closer Look

Structure, Feature, and Troubleshoot
Chat - a feature mostly found on websites that can send instant messages to your online friends. With this technology feature, you can interactive effectively to your friends. Facebook updates its new chat system as well as well as Video Calling that some of the people hate it due to some issues. And me too, but I must adhere to it. Whether we like it or not. It has also the same issue on sharing walls, new profile, tagged pictures and so on. In the long run, we are used to it.

The first login, you will see this

OK, you will try it. I'm sure you do but you feel  frustrating isn't it?
Why? Maybe, because you are not getting used to it. This is your 1st time to try. And then you are wondering how you can see all your online friends ?

Facebook remove and change. Now, you can find your friends by searching and typing it in the input box just to see. But what if that person changes his/her name? Well, this might be the problem. Unless you have Friend/Group List. You can add, edit and delete too. Friend/Group List Here

How to solve this issues?
Facebook will not revert it unless under certain circumstances.
However, you can still use the old way but it is the same as before.
By the way, this is not new. In fact, it is included in the old chat settings

Are you happy now? a bit. But for the new chat. This is what it looks like

2. Using Facebook Chat Reversion Facebook Chat Reversion and Facebook Chat Sidebar Removal use some script it will tweak your chat

  • Available  to CHAT
  • Chat SOUNDS
  • Group Chat
  • Limit Availability
  • Hide Sidebar
  • Search Input
1Available to chat - makes you go online and all of your friends will see you. If uncheck you will be offline.

2. Chat Sounds - makes a sound when someone messages you. You can check/uncheck it.
3. Group chat - adds new friends to your chat( It does not display in the menu, You can only see this if you are chatting someone and be found in the setting icon)

You can also have a group chat. First, chat one person...then click the gear icon (settings)  as you can see below.
Then choose  add friends to chat

4. Limit Your availability - It filters or limits the person who will see you(online) and displays it to your sidebar.

2 Choices
- Make me unavailable to ( if you check some lists here, they won't see you )
-Only make me unavailable to ( opposite to make me unavailable too. if you uncheck list in your Make Me Unavailable then it will check in Only make me unavailable ) Sounds a bit confusing huh?

You can also limit your availability on chat by checking your friend's list as seen below.

NOTE: If you don't have friend lists, you can add/edit/delete it.

If you want to close a chat window, you can click X icon or press ESC(escape key on your keyboard). Minimize and maximize also done in clicking the main button. :)

You might ask where are your friends in the sidebar.
Facebook updates it dynamically based on the frequently interact with you and  the person and it is no longer organized in your list
since the list of friends in your sidebar now updates dynamically based on who you interact with, it is no longer organized by friend list. You can still use friend lists to limit your availability to certain friends.

For some problems and issues

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