17 February 2011

Post Status Via iPhone and Blackberry Smartphones in Facebook

Post Status Via iPhone and Blackberry Smartphones in Facebook
Trick Status Via Facebook

Learn on how to Post Status Via Phone, Blackberry, Ipad, Android Phones, Windows,Phone and Other High-end Phones without actually using it? With a simple trick, you can achieve it in a web browser!

Its a little bit sudden jealous feeling when i saw friend's status with via Cool Gadgets. And i thought for myself, when can i have that kind of phones? Well, probably its hard for me, so inline with that, i only wanted to post status via Gadgets thingy. With a bit curious, i search over the net for that trick! And ohh gotchaa, i found a trick! For that reason, i created this post to share it with you.

You can now Post Status via iPhone and Blackberry Without Using actual Phone. Try to imagine that you have status via cool gadgets. Is it that great? The trick here is that:

Compatible to Browsers
All you need is to use your favorite browser! Using a browser makes it work.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Rockmelt
  • Other Browsers that have Javascript capability
Take note: You need to log in your Facebook Account to work. The session of the Facebook makes it work smoothly.

How it works?
The secret of this trick is to know the keys: API and Secret Keys which can be found in keen observation of the links in that certain application.

Try some Cool Gadgets here: (Just choose and Click)

   Facebook for iPhone
  Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones
  Facebook for Android
  Facebook for Palm
  Facebook for the T-Mobile Sidekick
  Facebook Toolbar for Firefox
  Facebook Exporter for iPhoto
  Facebook Desktop Client
  Windows Phone
  Windows 7 Smartphone
  Mobile Media Uploader
  Flock Browser


With this kind of trick, I realized that it would be fun to see status VIA Nokia 3310/5110. So I Created an application that would do such crazy idea - it would then be created using Facebook Developer Application.
You can post via Nokia3310, and Nokia5110
For Nokia 5110: http://apps.facebook.com/fiftyoneten

For More Status Update:
For PC/Laptop/Netbook Users: http://pc.statusvia.net

For Mobile Users: http://statusvia.net/

Last updated: 09/04/2011

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